View Full Version : England Defence League promise to fight for Christmas

10-26-2010, 06:53 PM

The English Defence League are a far right wing party, further right then the British Nationalists. They are the latest Right wingers to form a cohesive political party in the wake of a Military Homecoming Parade that was ruined by Islamists last year.

They use as their banner, the cross of Saint George, and they are avid supporters of Israel, and avid haters of Islam. They have written to all the councils in England warning them about the Christmas Festivities.

They claim that they will not tollerate appeasement to Islamists, Pagens or Heathens over the Christmas of 2010. This means they will invade en mass communities that decide to mention "happy holidays" or "winter festivals" or "winter holidays" instead of Christmas.

They are NOT a peaceful bunch...you do NOT want them invading cities, particularly any which have large populations devoted to other faiths...Leicster, or Bradford...for example...."counter jihad movement" is how they place themselves....they like to work in partnership with other defence movements, against Islam in particular....if you look hard enough there is probably an American Defence League.

They have bases in both leeds and bradford which are within striking distance of Harrogate Borough Council :unsure-1: