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10-12-2010, 10:15 PM
More border issues regarding Mexican drug dealers. For those who don't know Nogales, AZ, it's another drug corridor for Mexican cartels, in particular, the Beltran-Levya Cartel which works closely with the Los Zetas and Sinaloa Cartel. Across the border from Nogales, AZ is Heroica Nogales (Nogales, Sonora, Mexico).

Drug tunnel diggers responsible for sewer break?

Posted: Oct 12, 2010 1:04 AM CDT
Updated: Oct 12, 2010 11:53 AM CDT

Reporter: Craig Smith

NOGALES, AZ (KGUN9-TV) - There's a messy international incident in Nogales: a sewer line problem that spans across the border from Nogales, Arizona to Nogales, Sonora.

The early theory: smugglers digging a drug tunnel dug right into a large sewer line.

It really takes a lot of nerve to be a criminal sometimes. Imagine the very idea of trying to dig a drug tunnel right next to Nogales main crossing from Mexico for private vehicles- -a place that is crawling with federal agents pretty much round the clock.

But nerve does not equal criminal genius.

Nogales City Manager Shane Dille says, "They may have thought they were up against the wash wall which is one hundred percent contained underground so they reached some concrete, thought they were in the wash or could maybe hear some water and so they hit it and it wasn't the wash it was a manhole for the I-O-I which is a thirty six inch I think it is, sewer line that carries at the other end up to twenty one million gallons a day."

KGUN9 Reporter Craig Smith said, "If that's what happened that was probably quite an experience for the guys doing the digging."

Dille: "I would imagine that was the case."

It's not a sure thing that smugglers caused the break. Dille says it's possible old pipes, or shifting ground could be responsible and that the leaking water simply eroded an area that looked like a tunnel.

The line will have to be blocked so inspectors can have a closer look and truly know what caused the trouble.

The break did not affect service to sewer customers on either side of the border but repairs will require blocking the line. That could make sewage back up into the nearby wash so workers will plan to block and disinfect the flow.

As of Tuesday morning, workers were still trying to locate and seal the break.