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10-12-2010, 02:57 PM
I decided today that I would remove the four eggs in Levon and Neezars nest because they havent been incubating...what do I find :unsure-1:

A tiny baby chick...and another egg that seems to be wobbling...should I be able to see this :rolleyes: NO, because this is supposed to go on UNDERNEITH THE PARENT INCUBATING. Levon, to his credit is actually sitting on the child on and off...but whether that will be enough to keep it warm enough not to perish...I have absolutely no idea....these eggs should never have hatched...its taken then about THREE WEEKS...instead of about 14 days.

I dont know what to do :unsure:

10-12-2010, 04:25 PM
Let birds be birds and hope for the best.

10-12-2010, 04:58 PM
Let birds be birds and hope for the best.

I'm afraid not. Neezar killed one of her babies, I found one of the bodies on the floor of the cage. So I removed said little one I found this morning, he was cold as ice, but he was alive and he was wriggling around...I did the only thing I could think of.

I stuffed him into Bonnie and Pettis nest :laugh:

Zebra Finches have been known to adopt babies of other birds. He has a crop, so he doesnt need to feed for three days yet. He is surrounded by four large children, who will keep him warm. If Bonnie and Pettis ignore him or throw him from the nest, so be it, he will die, as he would have died if I left him with his birth Mother, like his elder brother

But they are good parents...they might...just might...adopt the new born.

I think I understand what has happened. After three weeks the parents have taken to breaking the eggs themselves, they didnt incubate, the eggs have sat there for three weeks. It looks like two were lost, one was pretty much stil born...and the other has basically been hatched prematurely...he was the one I found this morning

I doubt this will work...but maybe this chick will tern out to be a true miracle.

Meanwhile, as the intelligence informs...young parents often dont know what to do, we are told to let them try again. So I've got a new nest for Neezar and Levon...and with some luck...they might get the hang of it this time

Bonnie is in her nest now, and still feeding her babies...so at present, she hasnt immediately pushed the new occupant out. I hope she chooses to foster the child :unsure-1:

10-12-2010, 06:06 PM
Sometimes nature has the weak die so that only the strong survive. Don't let it get you down, Dave.


10-12-2010, 06:28 PM
Sometimes nature has the weak die so that only the strong survive. Don't let it get you down, Dave.


Baby Benjamin has died since. I think he got just too cold :cry: Credit to Bonnie and Pettis though, they didnt throw the body out of the nest, I found him when I got the kids out to check on them. He was clearly dead.

Two baby chicks in one day. a whole clutch lost because the parents dont know how to breed :sad: They seem blissfully unaware that their inadequecy cost the lives of their offspring.

But I put a new nest in and let them try again, it says some parents just need to learn, and mistakes happen, but eventually they should get there because that is the point of their lives in nature...to reproduce.

I wont kid though...I do feel quite sad about it...even though I was on my way to remove and dispose of the eggs just like the mother was doing. Distroying an egg...is somehow easier then distroying a chick...regardless of the fact inside the egg a chick is technically speaking alive...you cant see it...it doesnt look alive...but Benjamin and Tobias were chick like...they had little pink bodies, swollen shut blind eyes...tiny little mouths that could open, stumps for legs and wings, and lots of white fluff along their bodies.

At least I tried to save Benjamin. it was a long shot and it didnt pay off...but I tried to save him, I didnt just watch as he froze to death. I can at least believe I did absolutely everything in my power to give him the maximum possibility of living

They are notoriously difficult to keep alive without parents apparently, even hand rearing, deliberatly, almost all of them die...its why in the wild, the parents just lay, incubate, and raise...its why if I dont remove the nest next week of Bonnie and Pettis after the Babies can leave the nest...she will, well before they are independant begin a second clutch. :blink: