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I am now going to explain to you HOW the mindset between England and the United States occured.

In the year 1066 AD a force swept across the Channel in the form of William The Conquerer. William fought on the south coast near a town called Hastings, a big battle where he met the King of England...sort of.

William met Harold, who had been crowned that year. At this stage in Englands History, the Crown was usually given to someone selected by the Nobles who found land fame, when the separate Kingdoms, including Wessex, Mercia, and Northumbria merged to create England. This was the Anglo-Saxon way.

Edward was on the throne, after having been exhiled for may years, to Normandy (which, one presumes, is where he met William, and possibly promised to make him King) But when he died, Harold was crowned instead.

Anyway, William prevailed at Hastings, killing Harold, and taking the Throne. He then did something very interesting. He commissioned a survay of the population. In particular anyone who owned land, and what land they owned. This is known as The Doomsday Book.

Once all the information was collated, he summoned all the Barons in England and showed them, his Record of everything they all owned. He told them, that since they were all responsible for choosing Harold to succeed Edward, when Edward had promised the throne to Him...that made Harolds Coronation a crime, it made them Traitors...and it made him the lawful successor, NOT of Harold...but of Edward. He then told them they may have their land back, if they swore allegience to Him...why was this important? Because in making them out as Traitors, the Crown momentarily inherited the entire Land DIRECTLY...this meant as the people received their land back...they were doing just that...being given the land by the crown...meaning...the Crown owned the land in order to give.

In England, this is still true. No Citizen owns any bit of land, except for by the permission of the Crown...we all essentially rent. We actually pay this rent to our local Baron...the Councils...its an EXTRA tax on top of income tax Viewed this way English people do not own the land they live on, and its impossible for them to own the land free of the crown.

All due to an act of Treachery by the barons in 1066 which legally forfitted them the rights to their land

Now...there was an Exemption to this Rule. It was called "The Church" The Church could own its own land free from the crown, because, in essence it was a foreign embassy of Rome...which was great...until King Henry did to the Church exactly what King William did to the Barons. He woke up one day and decided that actually, the Churches had a lot of untapped wealth which he needed, and were Loyal to a Pope that wouldnt do what he wanted. So he decided he's dissolve the monastic community...thereby effectively stealing their land. Dont worry...he didnt keep the land...he pawned it back to the citizens in a similar manner, He decrees it belongs to such an such...of course if its his to give...its his then to take away...which means its never given to such and such to keep EXCEPT for by his permission.

So you see...even though every bit of land in the United Kingdom is bought by a Citizen...its the crown that still owns every part of this Island. Its a whole different way of viewing things.

With this comes the thought that, the Government, or Crown is therefore over and more important then the countries citizens. This then means its the Governments job to basically act as Legal Guardians for its subjects...that is why we EXPECT the Government to look after us....in the same way that if I rented a room in....I dont know...say Boomers house...and something went wrong...like...I dont know...burglers or something...I would expect Boomer to be the one to fight them off...after all...its HIS house. :laugh: So I expect the State to provide me with money to live if I cant work, or when I stop working, I expect the State to provide me with Emergency Services, I expect the State to provide me with Education, I expect the State to provide me with Health Care...I expect the State to look after me, because I live LITTERALLY within their ownership.

If my Pets could think in a purely conscious fashion, they would Expect me to look after them. As Children, we all expect our Parents to look after us dont we? surely you've been given the "not under my roof" speech before. I suppose in many ways, that makes us all Children of the Queen....ooooo do you like how thats Mirrored with the Reality of all being Children of GOD? Do we own Anything that isnt made for, or paid for, or provided for by Him?? Can you understand the symbolism that our Society has come to mirror? This is what Americans stuggle to understand. They make one VERY big assumption. They assume that everyone who is in bondage or somehow a prisoner, wishes, or wants to be Free. They do not see that sometimes their is Safety in not being free. Freedom brings with it choice, choice brings with it confusion and responsibilities. Who wants that??? ahahahahaa

Do you follow :huh:

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Thanks Mate :laugh:

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