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09-19-2010, 02:51 AM
Nick Diaz @ EliteXC: Return of the King
Weigh-in date: 6/13/08
Weight: 169.5, 9.5 over limit
Fight result: Diaz by third-round TKO

Dale Hartt @ Ringside 7: No Escape
Weigh-in date: 6/17/10
Weight: 163.4 pounds, 8.4 over limit
Fight result: Hartt lost to Guillaume DeLorenzi by second-round TKO (shoulder injury)

Cristiane "Cris Cyborg" Santos @ Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz
Weigh-in date: 4/10/09
Weight: 152 pounds, 7 over limit
Punishment: Santos forfeited 20% of her purse, 10% of which went to her opponent, Hitomi Akano
Fight result: Cyborg via third-round TKO

Rory Markham @ UFC 111
Weigh-in date: 3/26/10
Weight: 177 pounds, 7 over limit
Punishment: $1,000 (12.5% of Markham's show-money) was forfeited to his opponent, Nate Diaz
Fight result: Diaz by first-round TKO

Jake O'Brien @ DREAM.15
Weigh-in date: 6/9/10
Weight: 212 pounds, 7 over limit
Punishment: 10% pay deduction, yellow card at start of fight
Fight result: O'Brien loses to Gegard Mousasi by guillotine choke in 31 seconds

Anthony Johnson @ UFC 104
Weigh-in date: 10/23/09
Weight: 176 pounds, 6 over limit
Punishment: Johnson forfeited 20% of his purse, 10% of which went to his opponent, Yoshiyuki Yoshida.
Fight result: Johnson by 41-second TKO

Jason Guida @ Bellator 29
Weigh-in date: 9/15/10
Weight: 215 pounds, 5 over limit
Fight result: Guida lost to Justin Lemke by split decision

Gina Carano @ EliteXC: Primetime
Weigh-in date: 5/30/08
Weight: 144.5 pounds, 4.5 over limit
Punishment: Carano forfeited 12.5% of her fight purse to her opponent, Kaitlin Young
Fight result: Carano by doctor's stoppage TKO after two rounds

Paulo Filho @ WEC 36
Weigh-in date: 11/4/08
Weight: 192.5 pounds on first attempt, 189 after two additional hours; 4 over limit
Punishment: Filho forfeited 25% of his fight purse to his opponent
Fight result: Sonnen by unanimous decision

Efrain Escudero @ UFC Fight Night 22
Weigh-in date: 9/14/10
Weight: 159 pounds, 4 over limit
Punishment: 20% of Escudero's show-money was forfeited to his opponent, Charles Oliveira
Fight result: Oliveira by third-round submission

Repeat offenders:

Paul Daley @ MFC 19, UFC 108, Shark Fights 13
Weigh-in dates: 12/4/08, 1/1/10, 9/10/10
Weights: 174, 172, 171.75
Punishment: Daley forfeited 25% of his purse for the MFC fight, and 10% of his purse for the UFC and Shark Fights bouts
Fight result: Daley def. John Alessio via second-round TKO, Daley def. Dustin Hazelett via first-round KO, Daley def. Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision

Thiago Alves @ UFC 85, UFC 117
Weigh-in dates: 6/6/08, 8/6/10
Weights: 174, 171.5
Punishment: Alves forfeited an unspecified amount of his purse to Matt Hughes at UFC 85, and 20% of his purse to Jon Fitch at UFC 117;
earlier in his UFC career, he was slapped with a nine-month suspension for the use of banned diuretics.
Fight result: Alves def. Hughes via second-round TKO, Alves lost to Fitch by unanimous decision

Record of the fighters listed above, for the fights where they missed weight:
8-7. Just like steroid use, coming in overweight hasn't proven to be a "competitive advantage,"
because it often suggests that there were difficulties in a fighter's training camp. Except for Paul Daley, who's clearly at his best when he comes in heavy.

Honorable mentions:
- Travis Lutter, who missed weight by 1.5 pounds for his UFC 67 title fight against Anderson Silva.
Following his loss, he was fed to Rich Franklin then fired.
- Tim Sylvia, who crushed the scales at 310.6 pounds for his Adrenaline MMA III fight against Ray Mercer,
which was apparently an open-weight bout. Mercer weighed in at 256.6, and knocked Sylvia out in nine seconds.


09-19-2010, 03:33 AM
Looks like mostly bad karma for failing to make weight, except for Alves who we all know did NOT have a hurt ankle/knee/whatever when he fought Matt.

09-19-2010, 04:44 AM
Looks like mostly bad karma for failing to make weight, except for Alves who we all know did NOT have a hurt ankle/knee/whatever when he fought Matt.

Yeah, that was a weak excuse.
I really hope now that he has hired Dolce that he gets it together.

09-19-2010, 12:29 PM
I thought Gina was a repeat offender also.

09-19-2010, 12:55 PM
The Kaitlin Young fight she failed to make weight, but remember she eventually made weight naked for the Kelly Kobold fight?