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09-17-2010, 06:24 PM
I started at Bradford University :w00t:

I Remeber the day well. I slept on the short hour odd journey to Bradford because I was nervous and because I didnt want to end up feeling car sick.

Freshers Week in Bradford is actually two weeks. The first week is for the noobs, the second week is usually when the other years arrive back, and Semester begins the first week of October.

I was due to live in Halls, off site, and we drove into the complex and went to Reception, and collected the key. Then we had to drive out of the complex, and back into the complex via another road to be close to the block I was in

http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/5720/rbh1.png (http://img842.imageshack.us/i/rbh1.png/)

Its called Revis Barber Hall. Revis Barber is a name of a guy, I reckon an Alderman of the city, and probably someone who had lots to do with building the University...its not an old University at all, infact the nearby college dwarfs it in size. Its specialism is Pharmacy, it is the largest Pharmacy school in the country. Or at least it was a decade ago :laugh:

Now, during my time, the University managed its own Halls of Residence, there was no such thing as Housing Agencies that had their own Halls, much less the idea that the Housing Agencies would eventually OWN the off site Halls. They began in my third year by building their own hall known as "arkwright" off site. Eight years later, they have gained control of Revis Barber and the whole Laisterage Lane Site I would expect, and have modernised it with ensuites :laugh:

In my day...twas a simple corridor, with two Kitchens, one at each end, and one uni sex shower block and loos. Televisions were not provided, the rooms were very small, but did include a washing basin...some Agency known as "UniPol" now run things differently :ninja: They are so ingrained in the University they have their own reception inside the Richmond Building :blink:

The lift is like a little silver box, that jolts your bones, and sounds two big for the shaft as it scrapes metal to rise you to the correct floor. Only two elivators are present for all the floors of the building to use. My room was Number Eight, floor G, I was right next to the Kitchen. We moved my stuff in and had lunch sitting in my room. I kept my door open, and my Parents didnt stay to long. The Room opposite mine also had its door open, and sat on a Chair was a person called Sarah Rowley who I would become great friends with. She is one of the few people from University I have stayed in contact with

The Whole Floor got to know each other in the kitchen at the other end. This would become the dominant Kitchen, and was full of the people who wanted to lead the floor. They decided we should go to an organized event at the Student Union that night...after a walk around Great Horton Park...at nighttime, when it was going dark...dont ask me why...We began to create strong links with the floor above, and for the first week and a half we all went round as one massive group. We used to all go to the Public House that lay between the Halls and the Campus.

My best memory of Freshers week, was on Tuesday 19th September 2000, when me and Jo and Sarah (all from our Kitchen) decided to buy tickets and go to The International Wine Festival...which was a posh name for wine tasting in the students union....you were supposed to buy bottles, but the entrance fee was 4...so we all just got merry on free tasters instead....well some got more merry then others, me and Jo didnt drink much...Sarah started on the route which would lead regularly to alcohol poisening by early the following year :rolleyes: I remember I bought one bottle of some stupid plonk, and I put it in our kitchen, and it stayed on the side the whole year...and we all opened it and drank it the week before we left the floor at the end of the year (June 2001) it...we hated it and threw it all away :laugh:

Chris F
09-18-2010, 06:43 PM
I was in my second year of bible college and working two PT jobs.

09-18-2010, 07:24 PM
I was in my second year of bible college and working two PT jobs.

:laugh:I didnt work at all when I was at University...at least not in a paid capacity. I worked on a voluntary level, in management at the Tasmin Little Music Centre...and found short term work during holidays and stuff.