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09-05-2010, 10:59 PM
On a usual Year, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth declairs that Parliament is in session after the summer break. But this doesnt happen in an ellection year, like 2010. In the event of an ellection, She presents herself to the newly ellected and appointed ministers when they first gather.

The reason for this is because, Government has been around for many centuries in England...but not permanently. A Monarch would call for an Assembly on the occasion that they needed advice or that they needed to assert control. This mean Parliament was called, given a brief, and then once the work was done, the parliament was dissolved.

Permanent Parliament was no established until after the English Civil War...and remember...it is Parliament who restored the Monarchy, so for those who think she is just a token gesture...they should look at what happens when a Monarchy isnt present and a permanent Government is...Corruption, Greed, and ultimately, Dictatorship when someone is forced to lead.

So here in the videos below I can show you this years State Opening, that would usually be happening in late september/early october...but happened after the coillition of Liberal Democrats and Conservatives appeared in May

She looks spectacular in all her fineary and the splended jewel of the procession doesnt she :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx18X0nL9WY (here she arrives, and takes her seat in the House of Lords, Which is full and awaiting her arrival, and then she summons Her Parliament.. Interesting factoid...When the Ussher is sent from The House of Lords, to The House of Commons, as he arrives, Custom has it the doors to the Chambers are slammed shut..I guess in that you have everything encompassing the civil war. He then gets his enourmous rod and with it he Knocks Three times on the door :laugh:)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-RXBZ6iSHw (After the knocks, the Chamber, which, has supposedly been engaged in Christian Prayers, open and he may enter. His address is NOT to the Prime Minister, but to the Speaker of the House. The Speaker represents the Queen, not because he has ultimate control over what is said, but because he has ultimate control over who gets to even speak in the house. He has a Mace to proove this. It was Extremely Rude of the man to retort "No Royal commissions this whig" in response...thankfully it was taken as a joke...a little like the house over the last Government! The whole house rises, and walks though the Palace to the other Chamber, where the Queen is waiting for them...its a pity that they cant all squeeze in. She instructs the House on what to do...actually, in truth, the Government tell her their plans, and if she aggrees she then decrees it...to her Credit, and seeing herself as a Servant of the people, she decrees as they wish in this manner)

09-05-2010, 11:38 PM
There are several interesting pledges...One of which is that the Government plan to give the people a referendum on a truely democratic vote, which means that the winner is the person that receives the number of votes...not that a few votes in large seats mean that effectively those who get more votes en mass, but fail to get votes in the larger areas are no longer marginalized. This would be part of a fixed five year parliament, rather then one thats approximately five years but allows the Prime Minister the advantage of choosing when his term specifically ends or continues at the vote.

Most worryingly, Elizabeth mentions the continuing prospect of the Reform of the House of Lords. Parliament, you must understand, didnt begin by Democratic means, as I explained to you, different parliaments were called to aid the Monarch for brief periods...and the people who were on the pannels were the Nobility, they were Lords and Ladys, what is generally known as "Peers" to this day, the House of Lords is largely undemocratic. It is based on ancient families who were barons and had land, people with titles, members of the Church of England...and former people of the House of Commons who have...for want of a better analogy...passed on. Maggie Thatcher...for example, has a seat in The House of Lords...even that horrible Speaker chap who got chucked out...ended up in The Lords. That is why the Thrones are in The Lords, and not The Commons...and it is why whatever is presented as law in the Commons, then goes to the Lords to be verified.

The word "Common" is quite deliberatly invoked..the House of Commoners...ordinary, boring, unimportant citizens, not Nobility, and there appearance is managed by Public Input, thats the Democrasy of it all. We, the People, chose some of our own to Represent us...the Other House is there to represent Royalty.

What the Government is suggesting is basically a second ellected body on the basis of proportional representation...which will not only DISTROY the House, but also make it at best redundant...for what separates it from the Commons, if both are ellected, and both pass law...at worst, make it a possession of the Commons...whereby whatever they say is law without having to be verified by a group of people who are constant, unchanging, and not based on the public whim.

I pray this planned reform not a success, for it will wipe out everything left of the Old Monarchist Parliaments, that are independant of the people...and it will be another blow to the Monarchy itself...then She wont even be able to appoint people she trusts, or people she chooses...it also means that many of the few true religious aspects left in Government may dissapear...or worse still, heaven help us if they want proportional representation of the varied faiths in the UK...do we really want the head of the Islamic Council of Britian, sitting next to The Lord Bishop of London??? For goodness sake!

Some things were never meant to be politically correct (if you pardon the pun) and the Mob shouldnt always be trusted. I know some of you Americans believe in complete Freedom of citizens to the point of almost anarchy...but the truth is the General populas cant be trusted. It needs a say, it needs input...but it also needs ballence...for the mob of Rome boils away under the surface be in absolutely no doubt of that!


"My Lords, and Members of The House Of Commons, I pray that the Blessings of Almighty GOD may rest upon your councils"

The Queen finishes her speech, and then departs the palace of Westminster. The House of Commons goes back to their Chamber and then they begin to debate the contents of the speech :laugh:

if you really want to see that...then there are clips of that below...thats British Politics for you..its nothing like the "civil" American Government...I once saw Congress in Session... *yawn* ...it was delightful...but not terribly exciting...there was no need for anyone to shout "order, order" there was no cheers or boos...it was more like some sort of school presentation, where a minister would be invited to a stand and give a talk for a second or two, and then retire, and on to the next presentation...one almost hoped for a promethian board and a nice power point presentation....You get none of that in a house full of commoners :ninja::laugh: