View Full Version : Wyoming Banking Meeting worries about double dip recession

08-27-2010, 10:58 PM

America was due 2% increase...after the stimulas policies begin to run out...and the forecasts show a drop...27% drop in house sales this last month :unsure-1:

28Billion dollars has been plugged by Obama.

787Billion...thats the fiscal spending authorised by Congress...and 1.75 trillion printed via the federal reserve...its just not working. The problem is that this recession was NEVER caused by an Economic Problem. Banks were not the problem, they were a symptom of a problem in the Housing situation. Throwing money at the situation is like taking an anti-depressent...it hides the depression, but the moment the meds stop...the problem comes back.

Vote out the Democrats at the mid term...otherwise, what they will do...unbelievably, they will throw more money away...instead of tackling the true issue.

They need Jobs, they need to pay enough for people to live without having to borrow, then the Borrowing will stop, the paying back will begin. A stimulus was part of the problem in the first place.

The economy is based now to much on money that is borrowed and unreal. What needs to happen is to STOP boosting the economy...because whats going on is that when the economy grows on spending...its all a basic illusion...

This is unsustainable. This Housing Buble is just one of many similar Bubles that are blowing up because they are also illusions. Credit is NOT real money, Credit is DEBT. When this comes crashing down, and it will, its gonna take the whole western world with it.

The WHOLE system is based on a mixture of Greed and Trust...and its completely and utterly false....and thats from BOTH Company and Person. A company wants your money, and wants more money they you have, so it lends you credit...its takes that credit and invests it to make more money, trusting you will pay it back...and if you cant, dont worry it adds interest, so it gets back more then it lends...the "it" is fabricated...why...because those who borrow DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY, but they want what it will by...therefore, they are greedy and trust the banks giving and keeping their money safe.

So what happens when someone doesnt pay up. You dont pay the banks, the banks cant pay the investors, confidence in the banks occures, all the money is withdrawn from the banks...and then when people are still needing of their money they find...the banks dont have the money...they never did. They lent you Credit, YOU make the money...and they invested Credit, promised on the basis of your repayments.

Its a FUBAR system...and it goes from your bank account, to the Federal Reserve and Large international funds...the whole lot. So what does the government do? flood more money...making the whole thing meaningless and allowing what? this credit lending and investing to continue

OMG When this goes, and if it doesnt now, it will...you cant keep doing this ad infinitum, it will bring down the whole financial system under which the whole of the West works.....ultimately it will bring down the world...why? because when this gets to its worse...you realize the Easts Greed is going to simply act on this Greed-Trust basis...and offer to lend you money...thus tying themselves to your fate when you cant pay them back...

Its hysterically FUBAR...its so wrong and nasty its unbelievable.

There is only one system more universal and precarious then this system. Thats the power system....and only because you need the power system to practically run the computers with their fake money :laugh: as happened last weekend. Barclays Credit Computer collapsed for an entire morning. NONE of the Credit Cards worked, NONE of the debit Cards Worked. :laugh: