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08-25-2010, 07:59 PM

After much consideration, I have decided to write a letter to The New York State Assembly District One Hundred and Nine, Assemblyman Mr Bob Reilly.


He hates MMA. He made a very wrong statement that was quoted in Fighters Only Magazine. I have not written to upset or be mean to him. I have simply asked him a load of questions based on his Quote...I shall be posting the letter, probably Tommorow.

Here is his Quote

"Violence Begets Violence. To us, we cant imagine putting people in a cage, sometimes literally fighting to the death-because a fighter was tragically killed a week ago in south carolina. To put two men in a cage and let them fight until one is dead, this is not somthing for a civilised society"

The basis of my Letter was three fold

Firstly, Violence Begets Violence, is not true, I explained the Psychological term "Hostility Catharsis"

Secondly, I do not believe an Intelligent Statesman would really believe that Mixed Martial Arts is a fight to the death. Therefore I'm wondering why one would make a statement seemingly impliying thats what it is believed to be. I do not believe he is that stupid.

Thirdly...I pointed out the basis of the Assembly he is part of originates in design from a very civilized Nation, and hinges on "the mob" of old in order to work. You cant pick and choose what you like and dont like and use it to write off whole nations. The Romans built every nation after them in Chronology, either them, or the Greeks. Would he claim the Romans, who had no quarms about doing exactly what he's saying, without shame, be uncivilized.

I let you know if he ever replies :laugh: