View Full Version : Old Footage of King George 6th

08-16-2010, 02:35 PM
In the footage when they refer to Queen Elizabeth, they mean the Wife of the King, she was Queen as Consort, nothing further and on his death her Title was Queen Elizabeth, The Queens Mother (her Daughter, unhelpfully perhaps was Queen Elizabeth, and Regnant, so this time Queen Elizabeth was Monarch and not Consort.

King George Ascended to the Throne litterally a year or two before the second world war. Through the abdication of his Brother, Edward. Edward was never formally Crowned, he had taken the throne by default on the death of his Father...but was unwilling to give up plans to get married to an American Women who was in league with the rising Nazi movement in Germany. He was eventually shipped out and forgotten about on some outpost of the Empire. Adolf Hitler had plans to share the governance of Europe with King Edward, and would have been only too pleased to see to his re-instatement as King of England had he won the Second World War

King George wasnt born George but Albert...I dont know why he changed his name to George, but he did when he heard that due to his Brothers abdication he would be King instead...ironic, that he took the name of one of his younger Brothers though :laugh:


You know, Her Majesty, was on a Commonwealth Tour, when news broke that her Father, George 6th had passed away...I think thats whats going on toweards the end of the video, when you see her board the plane and leave with her Father on the runway, probably the last time she ever saw him :'( then after you see his coronation :laugh: talk about a balls up in the editing department...