View Full Version : How Gordon Called Time

07-29-2010, 10:02 PM
There is a consitutional Duty that was made very, very clear to the Labour Prime Minister, that when he lost his Ellection, that he was not allowed to leave his post until there was a deal for a replacement.

On Day one the Liberal Democrats took meetings with both Labour and Conservative to see who they wanted to work with. It looked like the Conservatives were going to get the Deal, until on Day Three sensing that the Liberals would work with Labour, but not with Gordon, Gordon announced that he was going to resign as Labour Leader, this would mean being prime minster only as long as it took for a new leadership debate of a Labour Party leader to take.

When news of this got to the Conservatives they realized that if they didnt make a better offer to the Democrats, they were sunk. The leadership knew that the only offer which stood a chance was to cave in on the ideal of a voting reform. But the party would never back the management...unless, like he did, David Cameron embellished the truth slightly and said he thought that the Labour party were about to offer the same with no chance of a referendum. So they backed him. His demand was only that the Liberals cave on putting off spending cuts.

on Day Five The Democrats replied that they would get back to Conservative deals, after a consultation with labour, where they suddenly brought up their change of mind on Spending cuts. Labour didnt know what to do. So Gordon Brown made it known politically speaking that he was going to resign.

The Palace made it absolutely clear that he couldnt go until a deal had been done. But after one last call to the Liberal Democrats, he couldnt take the strain anymore, went out, made a formal announcement, got right into a car and went to the Queen and gave his resignation.

Instantly the Queen summoned David Cameron, to explain to her what the next Government would look like. Cameron was still thrashing out the deal whilst in the car to the palace. He met the Queen, and said yes thanks to being Prime Minister...but that he actually didnt exactly know what the Government would look like, he gave her his best intelligence and said he'd have to come back in the morning if things changed