View Full Version : Cameron and Obama to meet...tomorrow!

07-19-2010, 10:20 PM
The United States and The United Kingdom are expected to talk tomorrow about three very difficult things.

1) The Release of the Lockerbie Bomber, to find out if the Oil Trade Links to the prisoner release are true

2) The Gulf of Mexico Oil spill by British Petrolium

3) The British plans to give out compensation to the inmate of Guantanamo bay.

It will be their First Meeting since The Liberal Democratic and Conservative Coillition parliament of Great Britian came to power in May.

I dont think this is going to be a profitable meeting. I think the United States is about to find out that this new government probably has no particular onus to bow to any American Pressure...and yes...Hillary Clintons lips have been flapping...I heard she was diverted to an Ambassidor :laugh:

If you think Barack Obama is held in low regard in your own country...you should see how some in this country feel about him... This new Government MUST appease its populas, or it will almost certainly collapse, particularly as they have been heavy handed with spending cuts. The City of London absolutely hates the US President over the BP issue, and Cameron knows that the public are angry he didnt tell the President to STFU sooner. The British People would like our Prime Minister to stand up to the American Administration...and over certain things...tell their congress, and their senators to mind their own political business.

It might be a good idea for those who are Christian...to pray about this meeting...its probably not going to be a happy affair for either person or either peoples.