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07-18-2010, 11:16 PM
Okies people, I dont want to bore you...much...but those who are interested might like to listen to Chapter Three of my Dissertation...Why?

because it, out of all the other parts of my dissertation, explains the most about my thoughts on dominance, submission, violence, and the likes in sport...this is the main area that I would say is still applicable to MMA...please note, it only uses Professional Wrestling as an example because it was written back in 2003..before I knew MMA existed.

It begins with Erving Goffman and his idea of Symbols (ive spoken about his before on here particularly in the context of Ikons and Physical Tokens and religion)

it then goes on to Friederich Nietzsche and his idea of The Will to Power (I coin it, power discourse ideology) I have spoken about this to because it really is one of Nietzschean philosophies that really does hold water and is applied to life in general


in the second video (which is under two mins long :laugh:)

I move onto Michele Foucault...and...the eroticism of power play Foucalt famously said (and its a quote I use in later chapters) in your erotic play snap on handcuffs, neck collars and chains, and in the area of imagination and fantasy spare nothing lest you do yourself an underservice and miss out on ecstacy :happydancing:


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...ohh and I am serious DO NOT EVER read George Bataille The Story of The Eye...if its possible to read pornography...that would be a very good place to begin...its vulgar, lewd, and my tutor reccomended it to me...I ONLY put it in their because he was marking the paper...and I tried to hide it the two times I used it under Michele Foucault, so people would get the idea but not investigate it for themselves. :unsure-1:

07-19-2010, 12:03 AM
here is a rough outline to the thesis


Part One, Morality, Symbolism and Society


Chapter One The Basis of the Violence Seeking Impulse

this looks at the psychology of human motivations surround success and failure and danger

Chapter Two The History of The Violence Seeking Impulse

This looks at the evolution of violence in sport, begining with the psychology of the caveman, his drives of protection and hunting, then it looks at the Greek Olympics, The Roman Gladiatorial Games and the Spanish Bull Fights, before revealing that Morality curbs the expression

Chapter Three The Symbolic Code

explains using Erving Goffman, Friederich Nietzsche and Michele Foucault what symbols are and how they are understood from a sociological point of view before looking at philosophical issues of power, dominance, Submission and the erotic

Part Two The Violence Seeking Impulse Expressed

Chapter Four Professional Wrestling

Analyses the feelings associated with gratification, Masculinity, the erotic, and then applies all that to professional wrestling, ending with thoughts by Karl Barthes

Chapter Five Blurring The Bounderies

Looks at the evolution of violence in Horror films, comparing the Gothic routes to the Post Modern expressions, briefly mentions violent video games. Uncovers theories of the Hostility Catharsis

Chapter Six Thrill Seeker Psychology

Looks at the Zuckerman Sensation Seeking Scale, the Myres Briggs personality type indicator, The Enneagram, and the classifications used for thrill seekers.

Part Three Moral Consequences

Chapter Seven Hypocrisy

Looks at the moral implications of societal values of morality, and the condoned undermining influence of symbolic violence, includes views from Walter Wink and the myth of redemptive violence,

Chapter Eight Conclusions

views on how the paper could be expanded cross culturally and investigations into associated topics. The conclusions of the paper in light of its thesis chapter by chapter

Appendix One The Violence Seeking Impulse Profile

Appendix Two, Expressions of Masculinity

Appendix Three The Enneagram




:ashamed: ive only got up to recording half way through chapter four thus far :frantics:

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Dave, I clicked on the links but I'm not getting any sound. I don't know if anyone else is having the same problem.

Please give an example of Chapter 3 - The Symbolic Code, "what symbols are and how they are understood".

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Can we get subtitles? :unsure-1:


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Can we get subtitles? :unsure-1:



I wish I would have thought of that! :laugh:

So you can't hear it either I take it. I just asked Michelle if she would try so I'd know if I was the only one or not.

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Can we get subtitles? :unsure-1:


Subtitles courtesy of James Toney....:rolleyes:


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Were we supposed to have sound with that one, JB?

Maybe something is wrong with my sound on my computer. :unsure-1:

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well I can hear it... :unsure-1: