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06-29-2010, 12:35 AM
The United States of America...December 2006....

Do you know what the Americans did to England after the War? because I have just found out...and lets say President Harry Truman...was it? isnt my Favourite President.

Once they actually decided to help the rest of the world (which had paid the ultimate price twice in less then three full decades...whilst The Americans complain about the Great Depression...which we also felt, there was the Great War, and a good half of the Second World War, where they didnt really contribute what the rest of us did...not just in loss of life...but really in terms of economic stability...they didnt have their cities razed to the ground every single night for years!) but I digress...once they joined us, the provided for us...we thought they were being nice....

Yeah...until 1945 when they decided to backdate us and send us a Bill :angry: A bill that almost bankrupted us...We had no economy, because we had been busy fighting freedom at a much higher expense then them...Rationing...for more then TEN YEARS after the war...America on the other hand had booming economies because unlike the rest of Europe...they didnt actually pay the price of the war on their own land...they may have lost men...but what they kept was their cities.

We finished paying the Americans back (financially) the same year I joined this Forum

I think you should ALL watch this :ninja:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PBvCvIFrgI (it outlines the how the British plan to rebuild England was scuppered by one of your Presidents :angry: )

Said Churchill to Truman...before Churchill was re-ellected in the 50s

"Great Britian has had its day, now America is in the ascendency, this is the nation of the future, and I would like to be part of it..."

I've always blamed the Germans for our demotion...but I'm a bit gutted to discover who is really responsible for our retirement :sad:

Miss Foxy
06-29-2010, 01:01 AM
Who really cares?:laugh:

06-29-2010, 01:05 AM
Who really cares?:laugh:

I DO :angry: I'm one of the last English Patriots alive :laugh:

btw...this guy...is very daring...so...get this..he didnt stop at exposing the Americans in 1945....he's talking now about Doctor David Kelly... :unsure-1:

Oh GOD...he's moved onto the London Bombings :cry:

06-29-2010, 01:10 AM
Thank goodness he stopped before the Wall Street Wobble... :laugh:

He's finishing his whole tale explaining how we have just got back on our feet economically :laugh:

Its like the 18 year old man who says how lucky he is to live in 1912 :laugh::laugh: :laugh: (I used that once you know...the Deputy Head, Mr Watson, of The Lincoln School of Science and Technology...who told us all in 1993 that we should be happy because of the prosperous nation we live in and how we have the world at our feet.

I asked him whether he wondered if someone in a school in 1912 gave the same speech to the men who would die in the trenches of France :mellow: