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06-28-2010, 09:26 PM
Here's one option that I think isn't terrible. I highly doubt that he'll do it, but at least it's not utterly ridiculous.

It's natural to think that Fedor Emelianenko's loss to Fabricio Werdum (http://www.cagepotato.com/strikeforce-fedor-vs-werdum-aftermath-well-holy-****-) on Saturday night was an absolute disaster, both for his career and for Strikeforce, who had their pay-per-view hopes (http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/templates/dailynews.asp?articleid=11716&zoneid=13) riding on a heavyweight title clash between Emelianenko and Alistair Overeem (http://wiki.cagepotato.com/index.php/Alistair_Overeem). The shocking upset left fans scratching their heads and wondering what could be next for the Last Emperor. An immediate rematch with Werdum, as Werdum himself suggested (http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2010/6/27/1540221/after-the-fight-you-praised-fedor) after the fight? A tune-up match against someone further down the ladder like Antonio Silva? Retirement?

One name that doesn't seem to be getting any consideration in the fight's aftermath is, to me, the most obvious one Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal (http://wiki.cagepotato.com/index.php/Muhammed_Lawal), Strikeforce's reigning light-heavyweight champion. And if Strikeforce wants to pull anything positive out of their current situation, they'll book Fedor vs. King Mo as quickly as possible. Here's why:

1) It gives Fedor something important to do. Emelianenko is reportedly the highest-paid fighter (http://www.mmafighting.com/2010/06/21/m-1-claims-fedor-is-mmas-highest-paid-fighter/) in all of MMA right now, and he only has one fight left on his contract. Forget tune-up matches; Strikeforce needs to make the most of their investment, which means giving Fedor another big fight. But they'd be fools to re-do Fedor vs. Werdum right away especially now that Alistair Overeem is back and ready to fight and there's no guarantee that fans would even be interested to see what happens in the sequel. Besides, a rematch would prove very little, no matter who wins it. Either Fedor evens the score 1-1 and steals Fabricio's title shot somewhat illegitimately, or he loses again, thereby wasting everybody's time. Let Werdum have his moment and fight Overeem. Fedor may be temporarily out of the heavyweight title picture, but that doesn't mean he's out of options. It just means Strikeforce has to tweak their strategy for him.

2) It gives King Mo something important to do. This is just as crucial. Remember how Renato Sobral earned a light-heavyweight title shot by beating Robbie Lawler (http://www.cagepotato.com/strikeforce-los-angeles-live-results-commentary), despite the fact that he was intending on transitioning to middleweight? Well, Babalu and King Mo won't fight each other (http://www.cagepotato.com/exclusive-king-mo-doesnt-want-fight-his-brother-babalu-says-fedor-can-be-beaten-and-hes-one-do-it), so it's time to move on to Plan B. Opponents for Lawal at light-heavyweight are scarce. You could either give Rafael Cavalcante a crack at the belt, or have Dan Henderson go back up to 205 to challenge, despite the fact that he was just dominated by Jake Shields at middleweight (http://www.cagepotato.com/strikeforce-nashville-live-results-and-commentary-yall). Meanwhile, King Mo has been asking to fight Fedor since last year (http://www.cagepotato.com/video-king-mo-talks-victory-looks-toward-mousasi-and-fedor); he even knows some women who could beat Fedor (http://www.cagepotato.com/exclusive-king-mo-doesnt-want-fight-his-brother-babalu-says-fedor-can-be-beaten-and-hes-one-do-it). Why not put his belt on the line and give him his wish? Even if Fedor wins that belt then leaves Strikeforce, what does Scott Coker really stand to lose? King Mo and Cavalcante would just fight for the vacant light-heavyweight title, and Strikeforce would never have to deal with M-1 Global ever again. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

3) Fedor can make the weight, and should probably try it for the sake of his career. The weigh-ins on Friday (http://strikeforce.com/news/2010/06/fedor-vs-werdum-weigh-in-gallery/) provided us with two seemingly contradictory pieces of information: Fedor looked doughy, maybe even more so than usual, yet he only came in at 229 pounds, his lightest weight in years. He could certainly make 205 pounds if he chose to, with the help of a nutritionist and some basic instruction on water-cutting. (It should be mentioned that the UFC's largest light-heavyweights, like Forrest Griffin, Ryan Bader, and Jon Jones, all dwarf Emelianenko.) To this point, there's been no reason for Fedor to leave heavyweight he's been perfectly happy beating up bigger opponents but moving down to LHW would give his career a much-needed second act; think of what it did for Randy Couture in 2003 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Couture#Light_heavyweight_title_and_trilogy_ with_Liddell). We now know that Emelianenko isn't invincible at heavyweight. But could anybody his own size beat him? I think a lot of fans would pay big money to find out.

4) Why the hell not? Come on, we're talking about King Mo and Strikeforce the fighter and MMA organization who defined "moneyweight." Shallowness of roster has always been one of Strikeforce's biggest challenges, but it's given them the freedom to make interesting fights with whatever fighters they have on hand: Nick Diaz and Frank Shamrock battling at a catchweight of 179. Jake Shields beefing up to take the middleweight belt. Hell, King Mo himself earned a light-heavyweight title shot against Gegard Mousasi directly after beating Mike Whitehead at heavyweight in his Strikeforce debut. Fedor Emelianenko isn't a heavyweight he's simply been competing as one for the last ten years, and his career accomplishments make him immediately qualified to fight for Strikeforce's light-heavyweight belt. Fedor has exactly one opportunity to become a champion in his next fight, which might be his last. If Strikeforce can't sell that fight, then God help them.

06-29-2010, 01:13 AM
Here's one option that I think isn't terrible. I highly doubt that he'll do it, but at least it's not utterly ridiculous.


Actually, "utterly ridiculous" is pretty close to the description I think I would have for that. I will admit, it's not the craziest idea I've ever heard, but I will go point by point on this one...

1) It gives Fedor something important to do.

Fedor has plenty of important things to do.

2) It gives King Mo something important to do.

What could possibly be more important that booking a fight with George Bush? I guarantee you George Bush has a more popular name than Fedor.

3) Fedor can make the weight, and should probably try it for the sake of his career.

After suffering one loss in a decade, why should Fedor all of a sudden drop to 205? I think in his own mind, that would be like running away from the HW division, and all the recent reports have suggested that Fedor won't be fighting much longer anyway. Making that kind of change at this point COULD be good for him, but it could also hurt him too.

4) Why the hell not?

It's lose/lose for Fedor. If he beats King Mo, where does he go from there? It would be viewed as Fedor beating up another green fighter in a smaller weight class then he has been fighting at his whole career. If he loses to King Mo then he will likely be viewed as completely washed up after 2 losses in a row in the twilight of his career. If Fedor DOES want to continue to fight after fulfilling the final fight with Strikeforce who does he fight in the LHW division of Strikeforce if he beats King Mo? I realize the same question is posed to King Mo, but he is only 29 and doesn't have a ton of wars under his belt. King Mo could be a star if Strikeforce markets him right, and feeding him to the Russian Bear might seem like a good payoff in the short-term, but it either sets a good prospect backwards or completely ruins your cash cow. With all that being said. I would definitely watch that fight. :wink:

07-06-2010, 05:31 PM
OK, so here's what Scott Coker thinks:

We all go a little crazy sometimes. Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker can certainly be forgiven for losing his mind in the wake of Fedor Emelianenko's upset loss against Fabricio Werdum (http://www.cagepotato.com/strikeforce-fedor-vs-werdum-aftermath-well-holy-****-…), which wrecked Coker's chance at a heavyweight title fight between Emelianenko and Alistair Overeem (http://wiki.cagepotato.com/index.php/Alistair_Overeem) on pay-per-view, and even now seems unreal, a bad dream suffered after a night of torture porn (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Human_Centipede_(First_Sequence)) and Indian food. But this is the topsy-turvy world of Strikeforce, where up is down, and guys who just got their asses kicked are #1 contenders. As Coker recently said on Sherdog Radio (http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Coker-M-1-Requests-Werdum-Rematch-Fedor-Overeem-Possible-Next-25490): “My feeling is maybe Fedor should fight Alistair Overeem and whoever wins that fight gets to fight Fabricio Werdum. Alistair vs. Fedor? I’d love to see that fight happen.”

LOL at "gets" to fight Fabricio Werdum (http://wiki.cagepotato.com/index.php/Fabricio_Werdum). Is he the champion now? Is that how it works in your little club? Look genius, everybody would like to see Fedor vs. Overeem happen, but unless you want your titles to lose all significance and your matchmaking to devolve into utter chaos, you probably shouldn't have Fedor challenge for Overeem's belt after getting subbed in 69 seconds. I know, Brett Rogers got a title shot after being dunced by Fedor, but that situation was different, as Emelianenko was unavailable to fight at the same time Overeem was. In this case, the deserving #1 contender is available (even though he's asking for an immediate rematch with Fedor (http://www.cagepotato.com/werdum-wants-rematch-fedor-six-eight-months-now-russia-rocky-balboa-style), God knows why).

It should be mentioned that M-1 Global has also formally requested a rematch between The Last Emperor and Werdum. The logical title fight, Werdum vs. Overeem, is the only fight that nobody seems to want.

07-19-2010, 11:11 AM
Retirement :mellow:


07-19-2010, 06:00 PM
Just found this, USA reports that Werdum wants a rematch with Fedor in Russia???????

He better be careful what he wishes for. Regardless of where the fight takes place, I believe it will go much different the 2nd time around for Werdum AND definitely not in his favor!

Coker is wanting Fedor to fight Big Foot first, so it may be awhile before we get to see it. Werdum is also talking about elbow surgery.


07-19-2010, 06:28 PM
i'll watch any of these .. but him vs ubereem would be great ... but he should also try and erase the werdum loss ... if it can even be erased ... then fight the ufc champ ...