View Full Version : Strikeforce predictions for Fedor/Werdum

06-21-2010, 03:01 AM

I chooooooose :ninja:

Fedor :laugh: and (dont care about the women)

Cung Le :ninja: (he got all het up over absolutely nothing when I showed him my review of pandorum, his last film...and yeah...looks like he deleted me from his friends list..It was a good review...with like one constructive criticism...which he seemed to have taken to heart a great deal...all I said was that it would be nice for him to end up in a role where he didnt get killed off or fall to make someone else look better :mellow: isnt that a nice thing to say :huh: but he didnt seem to understand, :unsure: he told me I hadnt watched the film hard enough :laugh: honnestly, some of these fighters are akin to emotional wussies... :frantics: )

Joe Warren