View Full Version : Fedor Emelianenko for President???

06-06-2010, 05:46 PM

He's just been nominated in local ellections to represent a political group in the Russian Parliament :scared0015: He must be a card carrying member I suppose of The United Russian Party. There are 58 Candidates I am not sure how many seats are available...but if he gets a seat they go too a second round and the winner gets a seat in the Russian Parliament :blink:

The Polls booked for the 25th June!!

:happydancing: VOTE FEDOR :happydancing:

Just to let you know The United Russian Party, is the political group which is in power at present. Vladimir Putins party. We all remember him? No :huh: This party at present is holding quite the monopoly in Russian Politics. This party has a huge majority in all political circles against other groups, its like receiving a democratic majority in every single voting region of the country at present. This is a HUGELY powerful...and probably quite corrupt Party (Remember Russia has BOTH a prime minister, and a President) its also quite Nationalistic. I suppose with Ex-KGB and Cold War Heros the party is bound to be Nationalistic.