View Full Version : Israel/Turkey warfare threat

06-04-2010, 08:35 PM
okay...so there is at least one more flotilla considering going to deliver aid to Palestine, in the wake of the last disastor, the Turkish Navy are seriously considering escorting this Flotilla. Israel has said the Embargo stands and they have absolutely no intention of letting aid get to Palestine.

Israel have said that they would consider the Turkish Navy getting involved as a direct act of warfare.


Pray that this Flotilla doesnt set sail, coz I dont think neither Nations are kidding, and I dont know that the United States can afford to be seen supporting Israel if she is violent towards another, accepted, European, but islamic nation...she has two wars on the go, two more possibilities...and an oil slick the size of the gulf of mexico to contend with.

What the United States want to do immediately, is to dispatch a Aircraft Carrier into the Meditarinian and sit it between Turkey and Israel...and do nothing but sit there until this stare down is over. That way there mere presence may just cause both sides to sit down and shut up.

You want Pre-emption...I would implore your government to stop this war from happening before it start...dont count on the UK...some in our government are very cross with Israel over this, and over the passport assasination thing

06-04-2010, 08:39 PM
President Barack Obama, should suggest, to the Turkish Military that they escort the flotilla to the aircraft carrier, and that the Americans will supervise the aid from their to Palestine...because that might wash with Israel...if someone she trusts personally sifts through the "aid" then she would probably be alright with it.

He wont.

But thats what he should do :laugh:

That way the US is seen as holding the law, as listening to both sides, but can still appease Israel, and defuse an otherwise dangerous situation.