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05-04-2010, 03:49 AM
Death is always a shock to those left behind, as it reminds us how precious and ridiculously fragile human life is.

But this death in particular is shocking for the horror of a prank gone wrong. If you can call inserting an eel up your mate's bum ‘a prank'.

A chef in Sichuan, China, has died after his mates put the sea creature up his rectum while he had passed out drunk.

What kind of friends are these? Doctors were horrified to find that the 59-year-old man - reported to have eaten a lot of eel himself that day - had been literally eaten from the inside by the frightened fish.

The 50cm long Asian swamp eel had gnawed at his bowels in panic after it was inserted into the unnamed man's bottom.

Animal welfare issues aside, this story raises many questions, but uppermost in my mind is the query: how drunk do you have to be to not notice a wriggly creature making its way up your back passage? Just how relaxed had alcohol made him?

Maybe I'm just extremely, ahem, uptight but this seems like the furthest thing from a hilarious jape I can think of.

What did they think was going to happen? And where did they get hold of a live eel after a night on the grog? Didn't it slip out of their grasp while they were guiding it to its destination?

In fact, the more I think about it, though much of the media has picked up on this as a funny, odd news story du jour (The Sun had as its headline: ‘Chef dies after feeling eel'), it's a horrific tale. I will admit I did gasp and suppress a shocked giggle when I first read it.

But as I write this - and try to picture the scene - it is becoming even more awful as I think of the damage that the eel must have wrought.

The man was apparently taken to hospital, complaining of abdominal pain, dehydration and anal bleeding. Medics found the eel inside him already dead, but it had eaten away a good part of the man's innards before it died.

The man himself was then in intensive care for 10 days before he died.

The case is still under investigation so I must stress it's only alleged at this stage that his pals put the eel there. But it's certainly served to remind me that behind every quirky story doing the rounds on the internet is a truly jaw-dropping story of suffering, often involving someone's real pain while we giggle with our partner over dinner about it - then move on.

Far from being a funny story, this man who ‘felt eel' may have died in agonising pain. I'll still go out of my way to flag up funny stories for your pleasure. But I'll be thinking a bit more about the reality behind them in future...

crazy stuff. i read another story that is so bad that i refuse to post it here. i would never think that things like this even happen but they do. ugh.

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Oh for crying out loud I could have gone my whole life without reading that :sick:

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Oh for crying out loud I could have gone my whole life without reading that :sick:

what did you say happened to Forrest again :ninja: