View Full Version : Crisis in the Commons!!

04-26-2010, 10:21 PM
So just ten days before the ellection and a bombshell is dropped.

In the event of no clear winner, the Liberal Democrats get to choose who to side with...they either join one of the two parties to form a coillision, or they dont, leading to a hung parliament.

The problem...well it looks like the Tory Party will win without a Majority...and David Cameron has said NO to any coillision with the Liberal Democrats forcing a Hung parliament if he cant get a majority

and why?

Because of the Electoral Reform that the Liberal Democrats have planned. In England, the number of Shires you win, equates to weather you win or not. The Problem? within that...there is ZERO Proportional Representation...thats why the Liberal Democrats can get the most number of votes (a large number in big Shires) but fail to gain the seats (they loooose the big Shires) in theory, they have won because more votes have been cast for them, but on a shire by shire level, they looose the big shires...and they looose the ellection....so what do they suggest?

Proportional Representation.

They like the Shire idea...BUT...they want those to be Proportionate in terms of the number of seats they win...this means...they stand to win big...but it will change the English System...we have NEVER done Proportional Representation before....:unsure-1:

Now I dont know who to vote for anymore :sad: I wanted to vote Liberal Democrat to force the Tory party into a coillision...but the Tory party have rejected that idea...and I'm not sure I want a true Hung Government...if I vote for Liberal Democrat then I waste my vote...without proportional representation they wont gain seats reflective of the votes...so do I vote Tory...am I that sure that David Cameron will be able to lead the country if he refuses to give and take in a coillision?

If there is a true Hung Parliament there could be chaos, because all the parties will have to work together on each issue...and the Tory party has just said it wont work with the Liberal Democrats...and noone wants Labour anymore...Some have speculated the Government would not function...and that the Queen would have to dissolve the malformed parliament...and order a second General ellection.... unless the Liberal Democrats side with Labour even if the Conservatives win...but how does it work when the opposition party is larger then the Government :blink:

:unsure-1: oh dear :unsure-1:

is it time for me to throw my vote to a nationalist party and just hope for the best :laugh: