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04-23-2010, 12:20 AM
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Here is an Interesting Fact...Saint George is the Patron Saint of England...but he wasnt English...he was a Christian Arab :blink:...and this is his Years Mind (which means the Ann of his Death) and another fact...Unlike Saint Patrick who actually visited Ireland...Saint George never even came to England :laugh: Bizzare as the English Flag is simply a white background with the Red Saint George Cross stuck over it, made famous not by George but by the Crusaders who used to have it emblazoned on their shields and armour and the likes to represent Christianity as opposed to Islam, against who they steadily lost ground to Out of the Three main Christian Centres by the end of the Crusades only one was still Christian (Rome) after both Jerusalem and Constantinople Fell to Islam

Tha laugh of that is of course the Crusades didnt happen until the middle ages...whereas Saint George died the same Decade that Christianity made it into the Capital of London at the start of the Dark Ages...

Truth be told, we know he was some kind of Christian soldier...beyond that...who knows :laugh:

There is some legends about him killing Dragons, and saving damsils in distress...bizzarely enough, the moral of that tale is that Chivilry and Courage can defeat evil and that bodes well for GOD. But...both those theames are better told by whipping out Saint George, and inserting Saint Michael...who does almost exactly the same thing according to The Book of Revelation...Lucifer plays the part of the Dragon...infact...when you see drawings and illistrations...they are...almost identical...its just some Warrior man, killing some dragon...the only way to tell them apart is if someone is kind enough to add a Red Cross to Saint George, or abstract enough to paint Saint Michael with wings. As for Chivilry...well Saint Michael and Saint George share and rank highly in the orders...the best being The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George :w00t:

The English...to the best of my knowledge dont really care about Saint Georges Day...like..we celebrate Saint Patricks day...but noone really does anything for Saint George :ninja:

:happydancing: Happy Saint Georges day anyway :happydancing:

Does the United States have Orders of Chivilry? or does it have a Patron Saint? :huh:

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04-23-2010, 09:12 AM

This used to be my avatar. Cranach's St. George.