View Full Version : **** spoilers! Contrasting "Wrong Turn" Saga with "Cabin Fever" Saga

04-12-2010, 05:11 PM
In 2003 the Wrong Turn Sagas were created. The basic story line goes that some poor unsuspecting travellers will find themselves lost in the woods and hunted by cannibals. Most will die in a gory way, one or two, usually the love interests, will survive. Wrong Turn One was reasonably Graphic and so serious it can bearly be classed in the Gore section of Horror. Its a Favourite of mine and I'm not really sure why.

These Sagas are not to be confused with an action movie that came out the same year, under the same name, nor the third of the same name to appear in 2005. The second Wrong Turn of the saga im talking about came out in 2007, and it was almost a complete opposite of the first one, in that it had you laughing rather then taking it seriously. This time, it was a film crew that happened to be filming some gore movie on the cannibals land, only, of course to be eclipsed by the real thing.

Wrong Turn Three which came out last year, I'm pleased to report is back towards the flavour of the first. This time a group of convicts are accidently released and thus the hunt is on. The twist at the end is incredibly naff, for the sub plot revolves around the money that the convicts find in an abandoned lorry whilst trying to escape the Cannibals...its a tad on the unbelievable, and a tad on the terribly predictable...but its worth a watch.

Cabin Fever has succumbed to exactly the same thing. The original Ideal produced a gore movie of outstanding quality, reasonable in its development and script. It see a group of students in the woods come into contact with a poluted water system which spreads a skin disease. You would have thought that the sequel (setting this at a school prom, water supplied by the same firm one presumes) could make for a more intense and more well developed plot and story...it doesnt...infact...its a tremendous flop. One of the nice things about the first film is that the disease spreads slowly, so its believable, a self imposed quarentine is put on the infected, exploring a moral concept, and the guilt of what to do with the dead bodies, and how the disease might be spreading, holds interesting psychology.

The second film is tripe in comparison. All the kids at the prom are well one moment, the next they pretty much burst apart in a sea of gore and are dead. Thus most of the film is only like some bizzare chickflick, with a quarterhour missplaced scene of gore at the end. Ultimately, grossly dissapointing, because of the two plots, I felt this was the more interesting, and yet it yeilded the less fruit.