View Full Version : Discipline and building an atmosphere

04-12-2010, 02:20 AM
One of my friends on facebook posted the following

when you walk into a legendary gym,wrestling room, or club can you hear it speak. daring come give me your sweet your blood your tears i can hold them in my mats my floor my canves. come fight me i wont break. give me your best shot and watch me taunt you for another round. listen to my wisdom of past champions and there crys asking can you be as great can you bring glory back through my doors

and it got me thinking. I dont know how easy it is for anyone in the United States to visit a religious ruin. In England we have litterally hundreds of them scattered all over the place...many havent been places of worship for several hundred years now...but somehow when you go round them you can still get a sense of the atmosphere...and it IS the same type of feel you get in a prestegious gym...I know...coz I visited some of them also.

I think discipline, especially if its repetative can leave behind an atmosphere...standing in a building that was once a church, where endless amounts of people prayed in a daily cycle, and standing in a gym where endless amounts of people have done the same drills day in and day out...it does have that same feeling.


I dont even know if these places have been properly deconsecrated or not...I dont actually know if its really possible to deconsecrate a place actually...I know they do it to reallly old graveyards...but I'm not sure spiritually its a possibility