View Full Version : So Saint Pauls DID inspire the Congress Building...

04-08-2010, 01:09 AM
Sir Christopher Wren designed Saint Paul's Cathedral in London, he was the architect and it was built in the 1670s. It most ikonic symbol is the rather large Dome ontop of it. Having worked there for several years, I got to know the Dome pretty well.

Which is why I'd been wanting to visit The Congress Building in Washington DC...I'd noticed that it to...was about the same size...and had a dome on the top...it even had what looked the South Transept stuck on its western side.

So I did visit it in 2009. Its Architect was William Thornton...and you'll Never guess where Thornton was educated :ninja: In England...of Course...

Bingo. Mr Thornton was Studying in London, in 1786 :laugh: and what does he build in 1793...a Cathedral Sized Building, with a Large Dome on the top....I also remember telling people the one thing I found really odd about Washington, was that it felt more like a European City then an American City in terms of style and layout...Thornton, it turns out, was much like Wren. Wren redeveloped Central London, he built many buildings...it appears that Thornton did much the same in Washington...and would one like to know where Thornton was between 1786 and 1793...besides London and Washington.

:laugh: PARIS :laugh: