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03-26-2010, 06:35 PM
(March 26) -- President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev today worked out the final details of an agreement to significantly cut back the U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals, and will sign a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty next month.

The new treaty, if ratified by the Senate and the Russian Parliament, would reduce the number of atomic warheads allowed each country on intercontinental missiles and submarine-carried missiles to 1,550 -- a still fearsome threat but a warhead count 30 percent lower than the limit set by the Moscow Treaty in 2002 and 74 percent lower than the count allowed by the 1991 START pact.

The last negotiating phone call between the two presidents was the 14th time they had talked or met to work on the new treaty. And speaking after he hung up, Obama noted that "nuclear weapons represent both the darkest days of the Cold War, and the most troubling threats of our time" -- a reference to U.S.-led efforts to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and keep atomic weaponry out of the hands of terrorists.

"With this agreement, the United States and Russia -- the two largest nuclear powers in the world -- also send a clear signal that we intend to lead," Obama said. "By upholding our own commitments under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, we strengthen our global efforts to stop the spread of these weapons, and to ensure that other nations meet their own responsibilities."

In addition to addressing a threat that has spanned several generations of national security priorities, the treaty furthers another of Obama's top foreign policy goals, the "'reset' of our relationship with Russia," as he called it.

Despite President George W. Bush's declaration early in his presidency that he had a good sense of then-President Vladimir Putin's "soul," the U.S.-Russian relationship significantly deteriorated in the past decade as the American global standing fell during the war in Iraq. Russia's growing oil wealth gave it renewed confidence on the world stage. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton have repeatedly emphasized the "reset" strategy since taking office, and Medvedev has, at least rhetorically, been receptive.

Obama and Medvedev are now scheduled to meet in the Czech Republic's capital, Prague, on April 8 to sign the treaty.

For Obama, the treaty -- a high priority since he took office -- could provide a political boost at home and possibly add to momentum generated by passage of his signature domestic policy, health care reform. But the treaty's fate in the Senate isn't clear.

Republican foreign-policy stalwarts like Henry Kissinger and Sam Nunn have enthusiastically backed the idea of such a treaty, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates -- who held the same post under Bush -- was a key partner with Clinton in working out the details with their Russian counterparts.

But in an election year, all issues are vulnerable to political dispute, and Republicans have been particularly critical of Obama's national security credentials.

In addition to the limits on warheads, the new arms treaty would limited the combined total of deployed ICBM launchers, submarine-carried launchers and heavy bombers equipped with nuclear armaments to 700 for each country. Combined with non-deployed launchers, the limit would be 800.

While Washington and Moscow will each retain, for now, the power to destroy each other several times over, the drastic cut in warheads could reduce the odds of a nuclear accident and is considered a major step toward more far-reaching disarmament.

The treaty also envisions a new verification regime that combines the bilateral on-site inspections and information sharing of the first START agreement with new methods learned over the 15 years since that accord was implemented, the White House said

03-26-2010, 06:38 PM
on April 8 to sign the treaty.


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Whys the Foreign guy posting American Politics, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves... :laugh:

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Whys the Foreign guy posting American Politics, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves... :laugh:

Because nothing interesting ever happens in his country. :Whistle:

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Because nothing interesting ever happens in his country. :Whistle:

LMAO, U just made my protein drink come out my nose..:laugh:

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Whys the Foreign guy posting American Politics, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves... :laugh:

I allowed to post...I'm just not allowed to criticise...even though its perfectly acceptable for our Esteemed Leader (Nathan Rosario) to criticise my country. :mellow:

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Because nothing interesting ever happens in his country. :Whistle:

I post regularly on International Events. Including England, Europe, and..well anything that attracts my attention. If you spend some time looking at the political threads that dont involve America...you'd find me there also.

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