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03-23-2010, 10:57 PM
Was Oliver Cromwell an Evil Butcher...or was he just a Great Christian Military Commander

In the Few Years that England was a Republic, Oliver Cromwell led the Army against those who would see the removal of the King as an excuse to attack. He began with Ireland...where he chased Royalists to Drogheda

Laying seige to the town he offered the Garisson the chance to surrender but they refused, and so he broke the city walls down...

...and what happend next is the source of some controversy.

Some say he followed the military code, that all the enemy be killed even if they then asked for mercy....most say he basically wiped the town off the map, including the unarmed irish civilians.

Whatever happened...He made sure that Ireland would not be attempting any attacks against the English Republic.

Next Cromwell attacked Scotland, killing three thousand on the boarder, whilst losing only twenty.

He then returned to the commons, and got so angry with them, accusing them of corruption...he desolved Parliament.

...and just like that England had moved from a Republic into a Military Dictatorship

"Lord Protectorate of The Commonwealth"

...some people think he was a tyrant...but throughout ALL of this his claim was that he was a man of GOD. He was a protestant, who dissolved parliament not to take power, but because they were corrupt...and he had wanted true change, especially away from Roman Catholicism...which is why he had the King Executed in the first place.

time and time again he tried to institute a parliament, but time and time again it appeared corrupt, so time and time again...he dissolved them. Until a Council finally wrote a draft Constitution (something that Oliver wanted) but the Consitution effectively offered Cromwell, the position of The Crown.

But after six weeks of considering the crown...He Rejected it. The Army would never have supported that, and he believed that GOD had disposed with the figurehead of the Monarchy...not just the personage of Charles 1st.

Cromwell was a Farmer originally...and he longed to return..especially when his Daughter then died. It was a family tragedy that he never recovered from, within month, he himself had died.

Richard Cromwell became Protectorate...but without Oliver the Republic, The Military Dictatorship could not continue.

Twelve Years to the day the Crown was lost due to the execution of Charles the first, The Crown was restored...and Charles The Second (his son), dug up the body of Oliver Cromwell (who had laid since death in Westminster) and put it on display at Tyburn, Hanging the body, and decapitating it...his resting place...Oliver Cromwell...is somewhere around marble arch...where exactly...we dont know