View Full Version : Miracle at St. Anna Review

02-17-2009, 06:03 PM
Just finished watching that movie.... Well I am usually a big fan of Spike Lee, (I loved Boyz in Da Hood) he just kinda went a little too overboard on the whole racism in the military theme. The plot of the movie just gets blurred and confusing because of all the mini sub stories that pop up, which are normally caused by racial tensions within the all-black soldiers. It takes nearly the films whole 2 1/2 hours for all the sub mini stories to tie-in with the "main" story of the film. By that time though it was kinda hard to remember what the original stories were and I had to actually go back and rewatch some of the scenes to get refreshed. This movie had a lot of potential of being epic and great, but Spike kinda let his personal racial feelings get in the way and missed the mark all-together. I recommend you rent it if nothing else is there that you really want to watch.