View Full Version : UK/US relationships breaks down over Faulklands

02-26-2010, 06:23 PM
So....President Obama has a nasty habit of being petty and punishing people for upsetting him.

They say because the British Courts investigated and discovered the United States had used Torture techniques on a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner, and because the Scotish Nationalist released a terminally ill plane bomber...the United States have issued a Statement from Washington saying that they will remain neutral and will not support the United Kingdom in its claim for the Faulkands.

This comes from the same President that pulled out of Starwars last year leaving fragile Eastern Block European Countries at the mercy of Russia who sources their gas supplies AFTER the Europeans supported The Americas verses Russia on the expansion. Fragile Governments that will probably be toppled now.

This is also the President, who uninvited Tony Perkins of the U.S Family Research Council to a prayer luncheon...because Tony dared to dissagree with him over Homosexuals in the Military

This is the President, who even with a majority rule, will have to revert to reconcilliation if he wishes to pass anything remotely Left on the ground work of a National Health Service for America

This is the President who stages a summit which is a pointless propaganda campaign with the Republicans, and then accuses them of playing to the media.

This is the President who has caused whispers of a break in the Union from Texas.

This is the President who is about to grant the same independance to Hawaii as has been given to the Native Americans, and as we give to the Faulklands, the ability to have their own soverign Government, their own health care etc.

You should be aware that in just four months the United Kingdom stands a large chance of begining a new Governmental Administration. One which may well come to power by playing up a move AWAY from America. The vote may be fought on a more nationalistic front then we've seen in YEARS.

You should also be aware that the only reason the Argentinians are threatening the Islands is because there is oil, and because there is also a Government Ellection campaign going on there, and this is an attempt by the rulling Female elite, to remain in power.

One thing is certain, the UK has said it will defend those collonialists, and if that means leaving you stranded on your own in Afghanistan, do not be suprised. Our soverignty is more important to us, then helping you to fight your wars. Our treaties of extradition should be ammended, and we should ask if you wish us to remain neutral over things like using our land or airspace to refuel, or passing your Israeli Aid bombs through our airport. Perhaps if Obama wants to get smart with us, we should kindly inform him that we are not the fifty first State

Obama should be made aware that we are his greatest allied force, and where the Bush Administration treated us with overarching authority, he is treating us with what is perceived as absolute distain.

He is hated by his people, he is hated by Europe, he is hated by the Islamist...its only a matter of time before even the fickle Democrats turn on him. Lets be honnest with ourselves here. All he can do is talk, and the novelty of a black guy talking in the oval office is a novelty fast wearing off for everyone.

Sorry to be blunt. But he SUX EGGS