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Good article. Nice to hear from him again, hope he gets everything taken care of.

At nearly 17 years in the fight game, MMA legend Ken Shamrock shows no signs of slowing down.

When not in training, Shamrock stays busy with his family, making personal appearances, and the new Lionís Den facility in Reno, Nev. And yet, heís only scratching the surface of his continued drive towards success.

Recently Shamrock spoke to MMAWeekly.com about his impending return to fighting, the passing of his father, his relationship with the UFC, and what lays ahead for him in the New Year.

MMAWeekly: Ken, we just recently started a new decade, how does it feel to still be here after all these years in the fight game?

Ken Shamrock: 2010Ö WowÖ Think of how old I am. (Laughs) No, actually I feel really good. I just got done 13, 14 rounds of some boxing, kickboxing, and weight training. Iíve got some opportunities hopefully here in the next few months to do a couple fights.

MMAWeekly: For fans who might not know, what do you have on the horizon for your return to action for the first time in over a year?

Ken Shamrock: Iíve been training and looking forward to getting into the ring with Seth Petruzelli. We donít know the final date yet. We were supposed to go March 6 in Cancun, but they ran into some problems down there with the Mexican government, so we donít know where weíre going to be now.

Iíll be back, no question, unless of course something weird comes up and they find a way to not let me get in there.

MMAWeekly: Recently your father, Bob Shamrock, passed away at 68 due to complications with diabetes. Is there anything that stood out to you about him that youíd like fans to know?

Ken Shamrock: At his funeral about 35 people stood up and talked about my father. One common thing that everybody had that my dad wanted for them was for them to have respect for themselves and be able to go out and live a normal life. They appreciated that so much and showed that in their testimonies at his funeral.

It was good to hear that. Heís my father, and I know he did that for me, but sometimes because I was so close I couldnít see all the really good things he did for a lot of people. Just hearing those testimonies was a real emotional thing for me.

He made people feel important, and thatís something my dad always did. He always reached his hand out and asked people how they were doing. He could walk into a room and not know one person and by the end he would know every one of them.

He was one of those people that was very outgoing, giving, and put other people first. That was his nature and I was very fortunate and blessed to have a father like that.

MMAWeekly: A lot of fighters have come and gone since you first got into the fight game, but recently some of your contemporaries like Don Frye have decided to leave fighting behind for acting. Having acted a bit yourself, would you see that as being something you might transition to as well?

Ken Shamrock: Iím not going to move to L.A. or do anything to make it my career. Iím running a gym, I have a family, I have kids, and I have a career. I go out and make appearances, people invite me to their shows, do seminars, and I still want to fight Ė because I enjoy fighting.

Iím not going to drop what Iíve created my whole life and walk away from something that is in my blood and something I helped build. Iíll always be a part of MMA and make myself available to anyone who will have me be a part of their show. If someone wants me to make a cameo or do some acting, Iíll do it, absolutely, but will I drop everything Iím doing for it, no, thatís not me.

MMAWeekly: Youíre a UFC Hall of Famer, and people know about the difficulties youíve had with the promotion over the past couple of years. Would there be a possibility of returning to the company, or is your relationship with them at this point too damaged to repair?

Ken Shamrock: My relationship with the UFC, in my opinion, is not damaged. I believe there was an emotional decision made and things that were done out of an emotional state. Iíve made mistakes in my past, emotional decisions because I felt like someone was trying to hurt me or my family, so Iím not going to sit here and point my finger at anybody.

I will not hold anything against the UFC, but I will make sure that the right thing is done. Iím not just going to turn my back and let it go, Iím going to have to work to make sure that things are turned around and done right.

Iím at the point in my career where I enjoy training, I enjoy fighting, I enjoy getting in front of the crowd, and Iím not being allowed to do that. I put my time in and I deserve to have that right. I didnít deserve to be disrespected the way I was. Like I said, I donít hold any begrudged feelings towards anyone, but Iím going to try to make that right.

MMAWeekly: Thanks for your time, Ken. Is there anything youíd like to say in conclusion?

Ken Shamrock: When I do fight, I want to do like I did in my last one. I donít want to tire him out, I donít want to drag it on, I want to get him at the beginning where heís at his strongest, biggest and his baddest, and I want to put him down. The next fight I go in and do Ė possibly Seth Petruzelli if that fight happens Ė I want to make a statement. And from there weíll see what happens.

To the fans, if youíre in Reno come down and check out our school, weíd love to have you. Check out our website KenShamrock.com for all kinds of info on things like upcoming events, appearances, and everything weíre doing.

Iíve been in this business a long time, and my whole career has been based on how the fans felt. Iíve always paid attention to that, itís been very important to me. Iím very happy with the way the fans have followed my career and I appreciate it.

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Very so-so!

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Ken seems like a decant sort! He obviously has alot of respect for his Father!

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ive always been a fan of ken. i have to be honest, him being in the wwf in 96 got me into UFC. ken was my fav fighter before i saw Carlos Newton/Matt Hughes online :)

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Very so-so!

:laugh: what she said :ashamed: