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02-15-2010, 12:55 AM
Of course in my blog I have made reference to this most wonderful forum, and some of its characters, both good and bad, and some of its history also...

but before you look at it...I thought you might like to know some statistics

This is my 100th Weekly Blog...but actually this only consists of Ninety five Videos.

Blog number 21 simply doesnt exist, Blog numbers 36 and 37 are combined into one as are 52,53 and 54, 76 with 77 and 82 to 83

Thirty One Videos are set to private and can not be viewed without my expressed permission, these include 30,29,26,24,43,40,33,48,47,46,45,60,58,57,56,55,68 ,67,74,73,2,7,6,10,12,11,23,20,18,15 and 31

Thirty Eight blogs are not filmed within my flat, out of that number Ten are not filmed within Harrogate and three from that number are not filmed in England at all.

those recorded at Mothers include

29,28,26,24,42,40,38,86,84,87,99,97,93,58,57,54,62 ,69,68,66,72,70,18,31 and bumper blog 36-37

those recorded elsewhere in harrogate include
97 and 51

blog number 23 comes from Bradford
blog number 13 comes from London
blog number 9 comes from Birmingham

Blogs 30, 38 and 20 come from Liverpool

the others are filmed in the United States of America

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eB_9HFdZXVA :laugh: