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01-28-2010, 10:55 PM
Where have you been on Holiday?

Family Holiday

1982 (Stafford) My parents took me back to Mothers home city as a baby
1983 (Cornwall) My parents took me to Cornwall on the South Coast
1984 (Skegness) My Parents took My Sister Rosy and I to Butlins :laugh:
1985 (Filey) My Parents took My Sister Rosy and I camping for the first time
1986 (Sutton) My Family went to Sutton for a Beach Holiday
1986 (Harrogate) My Parents and the now completed Family went to a cottage in the woods near Harrogate, we went on Holiday twice this year)
1987 (West Runton) Camping in Norfolk
1988 (West Runton) Camping in Norfolk
1989 (West Runton) Camping in Norfolk
1990 (Overstrand) We stayed in a Hotel in Norfolk this year
1991 (Kiln Kliffs) This was a caravan site in Norfolk
1992 (Wales) We went to Aberwrystwth :unsure:
1993 (Kiln Kliffs)
1994 (Kiln Kliffs) This was the year that I spent in Norwich Hospital with Appendicitus :scared0011:
1995 (Scotland) The family went on a little Tour, we went to Saint Andrews, to Stirling, to Oban, to Mull and to Iona
1996 (Kiln Kliffs)
1996 (France) we went to Disney Land in Paris :happydancing:
1997 (Spring Harvest) This was a Christian Event held at Butlins I seem to recall
1998 (Kiln Cliffs) this was the last trip we made as a nuclear family to Norfolk
1998 (Harrogate) we went to a cottage on the moors
1999 (Channel Islands) This was my last Holiday with my Parents we went to Gurnsey
2001 Dave Tours Greece
2002 Dave Tours Northern Europe including France, Belguim, Germany and Switzerland
2003 (Filey) The Whole Entire Family, including Cousins descended on mass to occupie a farm to celebrate an important wedding Ann for my parents
2007 American Dreams Tour One Pensylvania/Illinois/Missouri
2009 American Dreams Tour Two Michigan/DC/Virginia/Maryland/West Virginia/Pensylvania/Ohio/Indiana/Illinois/Iowa/Missouri


1990/91 Visit to Eden Camp with School
1991 Visit to Rye to see Cousins
1992/93 Visit to some bizzare activity place with orientieering with school
1992 (Jodral Bank) Grandparents took me to see the space museums and stuff
1993/94 Visit to Shree Sanatan Mandir Temple in Leicster with school
1993 (London) Grandparents came aswell
1994 (Blackpool) for the illuminations...we all went :)
1994/95 Visit to Caphouse Colliory with School
1995 (London)
1995 Visit to Melton to see Cousins
1995/96 Visit to some bizzare castle in Buckinghamshire with school
1996 (Birmingham) Father and I went to a Star Trek Exhibition :ashamed:
1997 (Yorkshire Moors and Dales) Father fell whilst trying to cross a stream :sad: he seriously damaged his back :cry:
1998 (Gloucster) I cant remember why we went here :laugh:
1999 (Cotswolds) Father and I visited Bristol and Bath
2000 (Republic of Eire) I traveled with Father and did a Trip round Ireland including Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and New Grange
2000 (Lincoln) for my Grans marriage to Tom
2001 (Oswestry) I went to visit Sarah after the first year of University
2001 (Norwich) I went to visit Carrieanne after the first year of University
2001 (Lincoln) to visit Saint Georges Church
2002 (Oxford) I went to Visit Sarah after the second year of University
2003 (Lincoln)
2006 (Barnsley) to Visit Martin
2005 (Lincoln) for the Funeral of my Nans Husband Tom
2006 (Lincoln)
2007 (Manchester) to attend UFC70
2007 (Lincoln) for the Instillation of a Prebendary
2008 (Sheffield) to visit Martin, I went twice.
2008 (Birmingham) to attend Cage Rage Event
2008 (London) to attend UFC85
2008/09 (Liverpool) Six times to attend Cage Gladiators Event
2009 (York) Special trip with Mother

Local Areas of Travel include Ripon, Ripley, Knaresborough, Leeds and Bradford

Where would you still like to go?

I would like at some point to do a tour to Egypt, and a Tour to Israel. I would like to visit Petra is Jordan and Ankor Wat in Cambodia. I would like to visit Italy and Austria. I would like to make American Dreams Tour Three to include Florida, Alabama, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, Washington and Idaho. I would also like to visit New York city and New Jersey at some point in time :)

01-28-2010, 11:21 PM
No way do we have the space for me to start in on this thread. :laugh: The where have you lived one was long enough.

So I will just put where I still want to go:
Caribbean Islands (haven't decided which ones yet)
Hawaii (all of the islands there)

Ok, pretty much everywhere.....


01-28-2010, 11:21 PM
Around :ashamed:

01-28-2010, 11:31 PM
Around :ashamed:

:laugh: like a disease...they get around also :laugh:

Btw are you feeling better now or are you still ill :huh:

01-28-2010, 11:34 PM
I was awesome then ended up back at the Dr today. Sheesh, may as well be dead :dizzy:

Now back on topic! :angry:

:laugh: like a disease...they get around also :laugh:

Btw are you feeling better now or are you still ill :huh:

01-28-2010, 11:36 PM
I was awesome then ended up back at the Dr today. Sheesh, may as well be dead :dizzy:

Now back on topic! :angry:

yes...you were about to be more specific with your holiday locations :laugh:

01-28-2010, 11:51 PM
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight....Well, I've been to England.New Castle mostly.Whitney Bay where it was so f'in cold I couldnt even get to the light house want to look at closer.Spent a couple days in Manchester and....I forget where else there, oh yes, jst outside of Scotland...

Been to almost every state in the US. Some just passing through some passing through many times and some visiting over and over.Pretty much everything both west and east coast.

That's what I mean by getting around Mr. Dirty Mind :tongue0011:

01-28-2010, 11:53 PM
That's what I mean by getting around Mr. Dirty Mind :tongue0011:

:laugh:of course it is sugarplum...I never doubted you :laugh: