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01-27-2010, 07:02 AM
I am writing this thread, with a heavy heart, for a man who was truly one of the brightest stars of his time in Professional Boxing.

Gerald "G-Man" McClellan.


I was talking about Boxing with a friend of mine tonight, and the G-Man happened to come up in the discussion. Then I realized that we are under a month away from the 15 year anniversary of the fight between Gerald McClellan and Nigel Benn.

On February 25, 1995, Benn and McClellan met in London England for a showdown for the WBC Super Middleweight Championship. The G-Man was moving up in weight and had just vacated the WBC Middleweight Title so that he could fight the Super Middleweight Champ at the time, which was Benn. This was also supposed to be a stepping stone for the G-Man to go on to face Roy Jones Jr. Gerald had defeated Jones in their amateur careers, and at that time Jones had gone on to become one of boxing's biggest stars and arguably the best P4P fighter in the world. It all seemed to be coming together for the G-Man, as he was dominating almost all who crossed his path. His professional record going into the fight with Benn was 31-2-0 with 29 KO's, 20 of which came in the first round. That's pretty impressive to say the least.

Then, the fight with Benn started, and the G-Man looked great again as he knocked Benn out of the ring in the first round, however this fight would turn out to be a war. The fight continued, and Benn began to settle in and had actually came back and was winning the fight by the 5th round. The 6th round was somewhat controversial, with both fighters being accused of resorting to some dirty tactics, and Benn actually struck the G-Man twice after the bell as he appeared to be upset with McClellan's clinching and some questionable shots. Gerald started to come back in the 7th round, and he knocked Benn down again in the 8th round. However, in the 9th round, we saw what appeared to be an accidental headbutt catch McClellan in the eye as Benn was throwing a huge flailing shot that actually made Benn stumble to the canvas. The G-Man was clearly stunned by this, as he immediately began to rub his eye in discomfort.

As the 10th round started, many felt that it was anybody's fight, despite Benn being knocked down twice. Both fighters still appeared to be "IN" the fight, even with the fatigue that comes from 9 rounds of boxing. Then, all of sudden, after taking two solid right hands from Benn, McClellan dropped to one knee. The referee gave the mandatory count and Gerald got back up to his feet, showed his gloves to signal he was okay, and the ref let them continue to box. The fight only lasted 15 more seconds, and Gerald didn't throw a single punch. The two men locked up, and Benn threw some very vanilla shots that were not very hard but still landed with good accuracy, which is why it shocked everyone when the G-Man went back to one knee again. Gerald was breathing heavy and squinting his eyes, but he stayed on one knee as the ref counted him out.

Nigel Benn began to celebrate in the opposite corner, and the G-Man slumped down in his corner, and clearly something was wrong. Within minutes, Gerald would slip into unconsciousness and the paramedics would have to put him on a stretcher. He regained consciousness for a short time on the the ambulance only to try and remove his oxygen mask, but then he went into a coma for 11 days. During that time, doctors had to remove a blood clot from his brain and they found that he had suffered severe brain damage. Gerald is now blind, 80% deaf, has very little memory, and can barely walk. He lives in Freeport IL now, and he needs round the clock care, which he gets from his sisters. All the money from fighting and from insurance has dried up long ago

Roy Jones set up a fund to help out Gerald, and Nigel Benn also took part in a fundraiser in London for the G-Man, but other than that, he has basically become one of the sport's forgotten warriors. It's a damn shame.

Here are some videos of the G-Man

10th Round of the fight with Nigel Benn

First round KO victory over Julian Jackson to defend the WBC Middleweight Title. (Jackson was the man Gerald beat to become WBC Middleweight Champion)

First round TKO victory over John Mugabi to win the WBO Middleweight Title

Nice Highlight Reel Mix of the G-Man

Sports Illustrated piece that shows the G-Man in 2001, very sad.

Here is a picture of the G-Man with Roy Jones and Michael Wand at Sugar Ray Leonard's Olympic Camp. This picture was 2 weeks after McClellan had beaten Jones in an amateur match.

Buc Nasty
01-27-2010, 09:00 AM
I remember this like it was yesterday, one of the most epic fights of all time.

01-27-2010, 02:22 PM
i remember watching the jackson fight (a huge julian jackson fan) and couldn't believe what i had seen .... i thought the first fight was a fluke and convinced myself that jackson would get the better of him in the rematch ... was i wrong ..

yeah man, g man was a killer ... sad day for all of sports

01-27-2010, 03:06 PM
i remember watching the jackson fight (a huge julian jackson fan) and couldn't believe what i had seen .... i thought the first fight was a fluke and convinced myself that jackson would get the better of him in the rematch ... was i wrong ..

yeah man, g man was a killer ... sad day for all of sports

Julian Jackson is one of the all time great punchers of the sport, but his chin left a lot to be desired. The G-Man just had his number. However, I do wonder why Jackson never had a rematch with Mike McCallum.