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01-20-2010, 09:15 PM
So I am going to share something now, which is likely to get me riddiculed a bit, I think...but I'm going to share it anyway.

When I was on my tour in the United States, I had the uncanny frequency of turning up to places just in time for some special event. I will give two examples, and show you the videos to proove it. So on one occasion I had left my hotel and gotten down to the Harbour in Chicago, and I had no idea where I was going, or what was around. So I just started walking. I walked all the way to a place called Navy Pier. As I got there, I saw a lot of commotion outside of the Pier Grounds itself, it appeared a special event was taking place...the Illinois State University were doing a free open air concert.

The next day after walking all the way through Chicago town centre I was heading back to the Hotel, I walked through the Millenial Park...just completely by chance. I saw a big pavillion...so I sat down for a moment, to take a photograph...and suddenly, out of nowhere... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsVRunhqlgU

I thought about this and a few things came to mind, firstly I thought what luck it had been for me to arrive twice in so many days to an exciting a free event that I enjoyed. But then I noticed that they were also events that would particularly appeal to me. They were musical events, one of which mostly played American Tributes which are also of interest to me, and the other one was ethnic, which has been an interest of mine in the past. I had a stupid thought that perhaps the world was revolving around me.

You know that there are lots of serious things that people pray about, like family members dying, or recovery of themselves from something, or a life changing event that requires faith. But I wonder if there is far more to GOD and prayer and spiritual happenings then the odd miracle or the seriousness of a life changing event. For if you are in a relationship with someone, a loving relationship, then you do everything together...and everything matters...not just big stuff...but little stuff aswell. Also as GOD loves us, I imagine it is also His Pleasure to arrange small little uplifts for us aswell as answering large prayers...If he is truely intimate, and we are to seek him everywhere, and if prayer is to be so unceasing that it is infact as constant as talking to a friend...then why not personal and small things happening by GODs command?

You might ask the obvious question, well whats in it for GOD. We know firstly that there are two sides to his lament in the Old Testament...on the one hand it is the wish that We be his People...but on the end of that is the phrase "and I shall be your GOD" as if GOD would take some vast enjoyment out of being there for us every single second of every day, like a GOD...and he says "and you shall know that I Am GOD" one wonders how...could it possibly be that sometimes he just wants to see us happy? We do know that he makes wonders of creation, that are very complex and beautiful but also beyond us...like in the Heavens...It serves no purpose to have billions of Galaxies in the Universe that Human Kind will never visit...could it be he creates out of sheer enjoyment for his own ammusement? I think so.

There is also a very real sense in saying the GOD does nothing except somehow manage to glorify himself...and what you might ask could doing insignificant little pick me ups, possibly have to do with GODs will. Well...have you ever had the reaction of wanting to give thanksgiving or praise when something like this happens...because I have. Perhaps that is reason enough for GOD to continue, because he gets exactly what he is due from the exchange...he does something small, and full of glee I declair how thankful I am and how wonderful an experience it was.

So why do I mention this today. Well, off I went to the gym after work, through the dark, a mile walk in the freezing cold. When I got to the gym I took out my little pound coin and used it for the gym locker, after that I went down to swim, and again used the pound for the swimming locker. That pound is destined to give me a third use. See one of the things that keeps me going during the exercise is the thought of using the pound after in the machine to get a cocoa. I would sit in the little foyer and write my diary by drinking something warm, and resting before the mile home...the drink would satisfy me untill getting home and cooking tea.

But tonight as I came out into the Foyer, I realized that I'd left my pound coin in the locker...so I rushed back...but in the thirty seconds or so...someone had stolen it. The pound was gone. I only had a ten pound note, and I knew I shouldnt be spending too much. I was a little sad, because I had been looking forward to it. So I began my walk back, thinking how I could do with a snadwhich or a pasty or something...I eat when I'm sad hahahaha.

So I called in at the petrol garage on the way home because I always check to see if they have any reduced items that I can buy for a meal. Notice...not a snack, but for a proper dinner, sometimes they reduce Quiche or something. Anyway...so I stood infront of the reductions and there were just two items...a sandwhich and a pasty...and combined they came to less then a pound. :laugh: I actually laughed allowed....it was as if someone had read my mind and layed them out for me...and the shockingly low price of less then the amount a cocoa would have cost.

I was very happy, so there I was nibbling the food on the way back when I came to Lucheon Pass. its dark, very dark, its still got sheets of ice from two weeks ago, but its a short cut I always take. As I was heading up the slope, I became aware of a hooting sound. It was an owl. in the nearby Franklin Woods...perhaps the Owl was even in the Belfrey of the disused and converted Church on Franklin Mount...I couldnt tell, but this Owl kept hooting every thirty seconds of so. I'd never heard an in Harrogate, outside of Bilton Gorge...More Specifically, a very important place within the Gorge, a place I go to pray and meditate during hard times, I call it Sanctum...I believe I even have that Owl on video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF7eQMaOj54 at the 1.24 mark. lest we forget that in several traditions the Holy Spirit is in the form of some kinda bird, be it a Dove, or an eagle...or even in the Celtic Tradition...a goose LOL

Again...isnt it true that throughout the Old Testament GOD provided Key Biblical people with food when they needed it, and isnt it also true that in one case he used birds to bring the food. Also...the connection of birds with me is pretty strong, since I accepted Intrinsic Value...and the Owl that ive only ever heard before at a place I feel is sacred...I dont believe in cooincidences. hearing the owl convinced me that this was just another little intimate moment I had shared with my Creator...nothing outstanding, nothing life changing or earth shattering...nothing that will really help my life, nothing of any importance...and yet something that has made me immensely happy tonight and turned my night into a really good one.

How funny also that there is a parable in here somewhere about how sometimes we want something (like the cocoa) and something goes wrong and we cant have it...but because of that GOD ensures we later have something better...like more...for less :laugh:

Play The Man
01-21-2010, 08:01 AM
Thanks, Tyburn. Parts of your post were profound.

01-21-2010, 12:24 PM
:laugh: your welcome :ashamed:

01-21-2010, 04:56 PM
I love those little moments with God and agree with you that he also cares about those little blessings as much as big miracles. Awesome story.

01-21-2010, 05:44 PM
I love those little moments with God and agree with you that he also cares about those little blessings as much as big miracles. Awesome story.

I just wanted to share it because..It cheered me up so much. :)
Now EVERYBODY knows what GOD did for me :)

01-22-2010, 12:28 PM
I found this in my daily readings today :)

Great is the Lord,
who delights in the welfare of his servant!