View Full Version : UFC news youtube show (please read)

Kyle Lewsader
01-02-2010, 07:51 PM
hey everybody sorry i havent been on in a while.
first i would like to ask how was everybody's holidays and new years?

okay now i will jump into it...

I really like making youtube videos and im good with editing. wether it be video or picture. I wanted to see if i could get together a team of people who do UFC previews, reviews, news and things like that.

Basically my idea was it to be like a team of about 5-10 people who just present UFC news. It could be like hey were (blahblahblah) from the forums at matthughes.com here to present to you the (blahblahblah).

if anybody is interested please let me know. Its okay if not. it is just an idea of mine.