View Full Version : Zach Micklewright

11-10-2009, 12:04 AM

So when I was visiting Miletich Fighting Systems not so long ago, I observed several of their more advanced MMA Classes. The first person to approach me in passing to enquire who I was, was a guy called Zach. We kinda spoke on and off a little bit. By the second day he recognized me, and when I was filming the class, I kinda chose him to follow around abit.

Anyway, so I've just looked him up...and discovered that he's a month out from his WEC Debut :ninja: I'd have gotten an interview if I'd have known but he never said oat to me about that...and he hasnt got a myspace neither :sad:

and this is the video in which I'm following mostly him...and someone who looks like he should be somebody but who I never got round to talking to...and yes...he is the person who says to me "I nearly killed ya" :rolleyes::laugh: