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JA Yount
09-15-2009, 05:29 PM
MMA Spot - Wes Sims ~ The A-Hole Show (http://www.mmaspot.net/index.php/redblack/comments/39090915_wes_sims_the_a-hole_show)

Wes Sims ~ The A-Hole Show

http://www.mmaspot.net/images/uploads/wes_sims_1.jpgWes Sims has carved out a distinct image for himself in the sport, a perfect villain. Heís been absent from the spotlight during the past few years, and he was even homeless, until The Ultimate Fighter came calling for a colorful addition to their newest season. David McKinney recently caught up with the always-entertaining 6í10Ē self-proclaimed Ďblack maní to talk about his career, being homeless, and the atmosphere during this season on TUF.
From The Full Interview:

David McKinney: You are a UFC and IFL veteran with over 30 pro fights. For those fans that are new to the sport, tell me a little about yourself.

Wes Sims: I have over 30 fights. My name is Wes ďA-Hole ShowĒ Sims. Iíve fought in the UFC, Iíve fought in Japan, Korea, Mexico, CanadaÖall over the world. Iím one of the most experienced guys on this season of TUF and Iím the only guy who has fought on a main card in the UFC.

DM: This season is the first season of TUF with 16 legitimate heavyweight fighters. Which guy surprised you the most when you first walked in?

WS: I was readily surprised by [former NFL players] Marcus Jones and Wes Shivers. These guys are former 300-pound NFL players who came in weighing about 285 or 290. I was readily surprised by how ****ing fat Roy Nelson is. And as the season went on, I was really surprised by his appetite. That guy can eat everything. He uprooted a shrub out back and ate it during one of the tapings.

DM: So was the level of competition on the show as high as youíve experienced in the UFC?

WS: I think that The Ultimate Fighter is a breeding ground, and there are a bunch of guys on the show that can get up to UFC level. I feel very fortunate to be on the show, because Iíve already been in the UFC. I think they brought me in for my personality and to liven that place up. Iíve watched a couple of these seasons, and that ****ing show definitely needed an enema.

DM: Are you a more mature fighter now?

WS: Yes, Iím a more mature fighter. Iím not a much more mature individual, but I am a much more mature fighter.

Full Interview (http://www.mmaspot.net/index.php/redblack/comments/39090915_wes_sims_the_a-hole_show)

09-15-2009, 11:02 PM
MMA Spot - Wes Sims ~ The A-Hole Show (http://www.mmaspot.net/index.php/redblack/comments/39090915_wes_sims_the_a-hole_show)

From The Full Interview:

Full Interview (http://www.mmaspot.net/index.php/redblack/comments/39090915_wes_sims_the_a-hole_show)

His video on the UFC website did crack me up!

09-16-2009, 04:58 AM
there is another good interview he did but i didnt put it here because it may be too inappropriate lol

09-16-2009, 08:02 AM
Guy don't sound to smart to me! Hopefully he won't be as bad a jerk as I suspect he is!