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08-26-2009, 03:24 PM
Somehow or another, I'm sure this is Bush's fault as he's trying to rig another election. :rolleyes:

In this case, I'm going to "Pull a Dem" and blame Obama! :ninja:
http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090826/wl_nm/us_afghanistan_election_helicopter;_ylt=AtUeGYKaic y.M4qBb0STWqsEtbAF;_ylu=X3oDMTM5bTR1cHZvBGFzc2V0A2 5tLzIwMDkwODI2L3VzX2FmZ2hhbmlzdGFuX2VsZWN0aW9uX2hl bGljb3B0ZXIEcG9zAzM4BHNlYwN5bl9wYWdpbmF0ZV9zdW1tYX J5X2xpc3QEc2xrA3VzaGVsaWNvcHRlcg--
U.S. helicopter accidentally dumps Afghan ballot boxes


Wed Aug 26, 4:05 am ET

KABUL (Reuters) A U.S. military helicopter carrying ballot boxes packed with votes from last week's Afghan election accidentally dumped some of them somewhere over the rugged mountains of Nuristan, officials said on Wednesday.

Some 50 ballot boxes were being carried in a "sling load" beneath a Chinook helicopter from the provincial capital Paroon when the accident happened, they said.

"During transport, apparently some of the materials came out of the load as it was traveling," U.S. army Lieutenant Tommy Groves told Reuters.

He said 15 of the 25 boxes that fell were recovered. The Independent Election Commission said the votes had already been counted and the totals added to the national tally.

A partial tally based on 10 percent of the votes counted has President Hamid Karzai and rival Abdullah Abdullah running neck-and-neck, suggesting a close race headed for second round.

(Reporting by Hamid Shalizi; Editing by Nick Macfie)

08-26-2009, 07:38 PM
Now that's just embarrassing!!

08-30-2009, 07:06 PM

I wonder if most of the boxes were empty...I heard that the entire vote for Helmand Province was about 150 out of a population of several thousand. :sad: