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08-24-2009, 01:30 PM
I don't know what I have been thinking, but I just realized that the XWT that matt endorses is the xwt that is right by me! Well kinda. I live in a nearby town. I am buddies with a family that lives by the xwt guy. So i know right where he lives and hunts.

Matt----- you need to make xwt let ya hunt up here!! :D They got a BIG drop tine running around their place. If you do let me know, I'll throw in some good pheasant hunting for ya! Well hopefully, the birds had a hard year. But if ya bring joey i bet we could get him some birds.

And bring mark too! The hunting is hard around here and we don't have the best stands but we got some real monsters. He'll get to see how real farmers raise corn. :tongue0011: :laugh:

I don't know how you illinois guys get by trying it the way you do!!!