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08-09-2009, 07:33 PM
I want to tell you about two events that happened to me that have been major stepping stones in my Faith. Each have involved an event, a period of Questioning, and a conclusion thats moved me further in my Christian Journey.

One such period of time I call "The First Questioning" and it happened in September 1997. My Maternal GrandFather who I loved dearly died of Secondary Cancer. He was the first close family member to die during my life time. All those things you believe about the afterlife and heaven are thrown into doubt when you come face to face with it. I felt like I would never see him again.

At Christmas of that year my Nan (who was his Wife) gave me a relaxation tape based on Psalm 130. For some reason I used it heavily in prayer. On August 8th 1998 (which was 11 years ago yesterday, which is why I mention this now) I spent the morning talking to my Nan whilst we harvested some of my early crop from my Vegetable patch. This was the day I finally decided to come back and say that I could in practise believe what I had believed in theory. This was the moment my faith changed from being one based on my parents (since I was brought up Christian) to one that was based with my own theology after a year of questioning. Its about as close to a "conversion" as could happen without being heathen before.

Anyway...I only found this recording Yesterday...its one of only two on youtube the has an extract from that relaxation tape. I thought you might like to hear it.