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07-27-2009, 01:22 AM
Ok , i gotta start this thread of by giving Chris Mcmahon at http://www.onlineupholsteryandmore.com/ a huge THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!! Chris has been nothing but helpful. His website says to call anytime , day or night if you have a question and he will be there to help and walk you through it , and he aint kidding . TOp Notch service all the way and his work is OUTSTANDING!! Everything you are looking at "seats and door panels" cost me just 900 bucks shipped to my door , and the ease of instalation is unheard of , the door panels are built on heavy plastic boards , they come pre drilled for your cranks and armrests , no screws to go through the door panels either , they are pre drilled and come with the puch in hidden clips , all you do is drill a few 1/4 inch holes and snap the door panels on .

Ok on to the scoop .

As most know , this is a very budgeted project , with a growing family , along with a growing grocery and diaper bill im not able to just run out and buy the stuff for this car i need , i gotta set my sights on a goal and rat hole a little scratch here n there until i can afford and complete that goal . Well i had my heart set on interior , possibly because its the only thing ive never really done and wanted to get it done and out of the way , after these last couple weeks , i am no longer discouraged at the thought of doing interior , It was actually really fun , i loved seeing the changes i was getting done myself!!!!!!

The dash was done after a boring weekend , Me and the boy were outside and we grabbed some sand paper playing around and sanded the dash down , we couldnt leave it bare metel so i went to town and bought some rattle cans of krylon , we bought rattle primer , 2 cans of banner red and 2 cans of clear . We started playin and sprayin , and after it was all said and done we really really liked it so it stayed . Its really dusty in these pictures but it looks beautiful out in the sun and is rediculous that it came out of a rattle can .

I had a couple different pro shops quote me some estimates on door panels , recovering seats and the headliner . OPne was 4 grand and the other was going to be just over 5 grand . After that i knew i had better start learning how to do interior and quick . Ive still got kick panels to do , and some ods and ends , tighten up the dash pieces , " pull the heater box and paint it seeing as how i forgot to when the car was empty ha ha ha" strip the unused knobs from under the dash etc.

Now it is by no means show car etc , i wanted to use as much of the old wore dash pieces and knobs as i could , Im trying to bring this car back to like new shape , without looking new if you know what i mean .

It all started back in april , i saved up enough to by a headliner and tack strip . never done it before and sure i got a few wrinkles but i did it myself , and am very proud of it .it was a very fun learning expieriance " isnt it always better putting back other than taking out" ha ha ha so after my headliner i had to start planning for my seats and door panels .

Now youll notice the old red flake , rusty steering wheel , thats the main reason my interior is red . You see an old buddy of mine was a body man who dabbled in drag racing . He was from the old school through and through , He was going to show me how to do lead body work before he passed , we never got the chance , anyways , Percy had cool stuff all over the place , Back then when he needed a body panel to fix a customers car , he would just go out and buy a whole nother car , take his panel and park it incase someone needed something else, I popped the trunk on an old new yorker behind his place a few years ago and in the trunk was the reminants of one of his old race motors , a 392 hemi block , and heads "zoomies still attatched" cragar blower intake , hilborn barndoor injection and donovan clutch can , Anyways he gave me that old red flaked wheel a couple months before he passed , so it was going in my 55 regaurdless , and the rest of the interior would have to match .

Now like i said , ive never done interior before so this is my first go at it , its dusty inside but it oughta clean up nice , still got alot of touchin up to do but i love it . I had never redone seats before but those covers Chris made me fit like a glove , they came with hogrings and pliers so i didnt have to go buy any and litteraly went on like a dream , the only wrinkles i got where on the back seat upper , down in the lower corners "it was the first one i recovered" and im gonna pull those out so all will be good.

Like i said , there are some parts here n there that need re arranged , cleaned up etc , im not finished but had to show off some pics.

THe rest of the car is going to be satin black and i thought this coca cola red pleated vinyl would look correct for the era im shooting for , plus REALLY stand out and go good with the black .

Im getting carpel tunnel i think from typing so here are some pics

What i started with


Re Padding out in the garage





And as it looked thisevening . Ill try to get some better pics tomorow in the daylight , this camera hates low light and it REALLLLYYYYY hates this bright red , I can honestly say these pictures do not do it justice at all. And it didnt cost me 5000 dollars , so when someone walks up to me and asks "who did your interior ? " i can grin and think about the money i saved and can put toward that dyers supercharger in a year or 2 !!!!!!!!!



i never noticed it until after looking at this picture , but i sure need to pull that speaker grill out and repaint it , MAn this camera just makes everything look worse lol


07-27-2009, 02:07 AM
WOW! That interior looks HOT Mac! Nice work. can't believe you never did interior before. I'm impressed.

07-27-2009, 02:10 AM
Nice! I'll have to think up a reason to go up and see it in person here soon. :cool:

I'm assuming you are using flash in the photos, which is why all the imperfections seem to be highlighted. What you want to do is use a camera with a self timer and a tripod. I can bring my camera with me and we can get some proper photos of the inside done.

07-27-2009, 02:14 AM
Nice! I'll have to think up a reason to go up and see it in person here soon. :cool:

I'm assuming you are using flash in the photos, which is why all the imperfections seem to be highlighted. What you want to do is use a camera with a self timer and a tripod. I can bring my camera with me and we can get some proper photos of the inside done.

I think you just came up with a reason to come over!!! LOL

Actually , i got a way for you to maybe make some extra scratch . ill send you a pm.

07-27-2009, 03:28 AM
Wow, it looks great!!!!

07-28-2009, 03:09 AM
Wow Mac! :w00t: I'm completely impressed with your performance!

I saw an old Chevy today and thought of you to :laugh:

County Mike
07-28-2009, 01:50 PM
All that red - looks like a crime scene! :)

Good job Mac. You have a knack for restoration.

08-02-2009, 02:38 PM
oh yeah baby!