View Full Version : The Biggest Show on Earth

06-22-2009, 09:02 PM
Apparently it was a Roman Show featuring 19 thousand Actors

Lets just say...no even the Chinese Olympic Opening Ceremony got anywhere near that

Apparently it was staged on a lake outside Rome...and the story line? The Depiction of a Navel Battle...it involved the raising of a forty foot statue out of the centre of the lake, who sounded a Trumpet to begin the battle.

...Not all the 19 thousand Actors survived the Show :laugh: :laugh:

What Brought this on?? A new Emporar, whose forerunner had decided to flood the base of the Collouseum in Rome for a Small battle depiction of about 12 ships...

His Predecessor decided to out-do him slightly...and they played war with entire fleets :laugh:

Incidently...there is no modern Stadium that has the ability to have a retracting roof AND a flooded basin. Designers dont seem to be able to know quite how to manage the water bit...and whilst their Roofs are made of steel retracting via automation...The Romans provided the Collouseum with an entire detachment of Sailors to man a set of horrizontal blinds in order to provide a roof :scared0015: