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01-21-2009, 06:18 PM
From Matt's blog:

Had a great time last weekend at the Shot Show. Pat Flanigan (http://www.patrickflanigan.com/) and I walked around before the show opened and looked around a bit, because we knew that we were going to be busy during the midday. I got to go see my buddies at Fort Knox (http://www.ftknox.com/), Charter Arms (http://www.charterfirearms.com/), Legacy Sports (http://www.legacysports.com/), and I also ran into Mike from Knight Rifles (http://www.knightrifles.com/), but only talked to him for about 5 minutes. Mike's a good friend, but we were both so busy we just couldn't meet up for a meal or anything. I did sneak up on Dustin from DPMS (http://dpmsinc.com/) a couple times. He gets a choke hold put on him when that happens. Pat introduced me to the owners of Otis (http://www.otisgun.com/) and TruGlo (http://www.truglo.com/). They are really good people with great products. He also introduced me to several people from Browning (http://www.browning.com/) and Winchester (http://www.winchesterguns.com/) guns. Scott Grange, from Browning, and I got to talk for a bit. Most of the time I was with Pat but I did break away and sit with Advanced Armament Corp (http://www.advanced-armament.com/) as well. The owner Kevin is a good friend and a big UFC fan. Friday night, I went out to eat with the owners of Laserlyte (http://www.laserlyte.com/), Larry and Aaron (Aaron was going to figure out a place to watch the fights on Saturday night, but dropped the ball on that). I stopped by the FoxPro (http://www.gofoxpro.com/) booth and talked to Mike and John. They gave me a little gadget that I will talk more about later. I also got to see some of the boys at Hornady (http://www.hornady.com/) and walked around with Steve a bit. I talked briefly with Marcus Luttrell (http://www.amazon.com/Lone-Survivor-Eyewitness-Account-Operation/dp/0316067598). He is one of those guys that I wish I could have spent some more time with. The only two guys I didn't get to see were Jim McConville and Cameron at Leupold (http://www.leupold.com/). I met a lot of good people this weekend, including all the fans who went through my lines. Saturday night a few of us went out to a piano bar and had a great time. Pat even jumped up and played the drums for one song.

On the Winchester website, there is a video of Pat and I at the Winchester guns booth just having a good time: 2009--Matt Hughes & Patrick (http://www.winchesterguns.com/shotshow/video.asp)

This is the pass I used for the show. Aaron, from Laserlyte, made it out to a guy I look up to:


If you have a picture with me from the Shot Show this weekend, then you can email it to webmaster@matt-hughes.com and we'll post it here.
http://www.matt-hughes.com/images/blogimages/fanpics/Angela_Thompson-T.jpg (http://www.matt-hughes.com/images/blogimages/fanpics/Angela_Thompson.jpg) http://www.matt-hughes.com/images/blogimages/fanpics/Kelly_FitzWilliam-T.jpg (http://www.matt-hughes.com/images/blogimages/fanpics/Kelly_FitzWilliam.jpg) http://www.matt-hughes.com/images/blogimages/fanpics/Russ_Post-T.jpg (http://www.matt-hughes.com/images/blogimages/fanpics/Russ_Post.jpg)

01-21-2009, 06:57 PM
Cant wait to see what you got at the foxpro booth. I can only imagine ! They make some GREAT digital calls.

01-21-2009, 09:36 PM
Cant wait to see what you got at the foxpro booth. I can only imagine ! They make some GREAT digital calls.

:eek: o Mac i know lol would love to have ten minutes alone in that booth

01-21-2009, 11:09 PM
Thats awesome, thanks for sharing Matt. They SHOULD name a gun after you, I would buy it! :D

Cottonwood AZ is a beautiful place, and a nice change from the bitter cold this time of year here in IL.

01-22-2009, 12:54 AM
Dude, that's awesome. I love the ID badge, too.


Sugar Shane
01-22-2009, 01:09 AM
HAHAHA!!!!! Love the badge!! It must be an awesome show to go to.

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01-22-2009, 03:47 PM
Ben :laugh: