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04-27-2009, 11:35 PM

I have booked my journeys from Richmond Virginia alllll the way to Chicago Illinois, and from Saint Louis Missouri all the way to Washington DC.

Now I'm ready to book the journey between Moline Illinois and Saint Louis Missouri...BUT...Amtrak are a tad difficult

see they dont send tickets abroad, you can pick them up from the stations no problem, but the Davenport connection is not by Train...its a bus until it gets half way to Saint Louis...this is a problem because obviously there isnt a station which can dispense tickets.

However...Hopefully my special Iowan connection will be there to provide an address for the ticket dispatch. I have no problems with bookings etc...just I need a middle man coz Amtrak is quirky when it comes to tickets.

I'm sure he wont mind :ninja: :laugh:

Now the travel between Washington DC and Virginia Beach, and Virginia Beach and Richmond, is gonna be done by bus. But I'm not ready to plan that. Likewise the trip between Chicago and Davenport, and Davenport and Moline is by bus, but I dont have the times sorted out for that yet....that will be next

After that it will be onto arranging accom.

Im not doing internal flights, they are massively inflated on price, and whoever reccomended hotwire to me...was kewl, but they dont do single flights, only returns...and obviously...I'm not returning..I need singles strictly from a-b LOL
Sooooo much to plan on my American Dreams Tour :w00t: