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04-27-2009, 12:50 AM
While I don't really want people to do this.. you GOTTA LOVE the old guy!!!!


TACOMA, Wash. - An 84-year-old man has a black eye, but he still has his car, after fighting off two would-be carjackers.

Ted Mazetier said he stopped Wednesday night to help two men with a disabled car when one punched him in the face and demanded his keys. Mazetier said he kicked the man in the groin and the other in the belly.

The two men fled as a passer-by stopped to help.

Police later arrested two suspects for investigation of assault.

Mazetier said he'll think twice before stopping again to help someone on the street. He'll be 85 in June.

04-27-2009, 12:54 AM
This is JUST as impressive.... People jumping in to lend a hand....

"The two men fled as a passer-by stopped to help."

I honestly feel that, that is a big problem in our country today...

"I don't know them.. not my problem"...

04-27-2009, 05:02 AM
Cool. And they still arrested the guys. :laugh:

County Mike
04-27-2009, 11:51 AM
Mr. Mazetier told you he was hard core!