View Full Version : Bas Rutten Interviews Mayura Dissanayake, Who Stopped A Gas Station Robbery

08-04-2014, 05:11 PM

AUGUST 2, 2014 WRITTEN BY BEN WESTCOTT (via MiddleEasy.com (http://middleeasy.com/fighting/item/13804-bas-rutten-interviews-mayura-dissanayake-the-fighter-who-stopped-a-gas-station-robbery))
There are a lot of famous street fighters in MMA. Tank Abbott used to “train” for the UFC by drinking a six-pack & then heading to the bar to pick a fight. Renzo Gracie live-tweeted his “mugging” last year and, just a few months ago, threw down with an obnoxious bouncer. After UFC 38, there was the infamous brawl between Tito Ortiz & Lee Murray in the back alleys of London. However, the hands down, beyond compare, unquestioned pound-for-pound, first-ballot Hall of Famer for Street MMA must be Bas “El Guapo” Rutten. Say it with me, everyone:

“Deng-itta-deng-itta-deng” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mosX7L25HV8).

In the last week, a new star has risen: Mayura Dissanayake, then convenience store clerk who rushed to defend his coworker who was being robbed in the parking lot. He’s a 2-1 striker coming out of Sri Lanka, and seems to have a nasty kicking game, judging by the left-overs of that mugger’s face. Dissanayake did well enough to even be acknowledged by the Godfather of Street MMA himself. Check out the interview Bas did with him for Inside MMA: