View Full Version : Februarys Triple Celebration

01-24-2014, 07:25 PM
There is a lot to celebrate next month for me.

On 9th February I shall celebrate Two complete years since the Acquizition of Markenfield, and two years of being a home-owner...and a mortgauge payer :unsure:

On February 12th I shall celebrate Five Years (half a decade) of being a Bird Keeper. For that is the Birthday of Jens The Budgie, who I got after I accepted the doctrine of Intrinsic Value in early 2009

On February 17th I shall Celebrate Eighteen Years of my Journal. Yes, on the 17th February 1996 I bought my first journal when we went to this massive stationers, and I have kept a journal ever since. It is so big, I now have a Trunk in which all the volumes are kept, along with my spiritual journals etc.

So what is usually a dark month for me, looks set to be a celebratory month of epic proportions. :)