View Full Version : Ukraine in Turmoil

12-08-2013, 10:19 PM
The Ukrainian Government have apparently turned down the advances of Trade with the European Union. The Public are outraged, because instead...the Ukrainian Government appear to be seeking Union with Russia..whether its just closer trade links..or the want to basically return to Russia in a loose political, economic, or financial union is unknown....but its bad enough to have created mass protests.

These protests have brought down the statue of Lenin in Kiev. They smashed the statue and started handing out bits of broken Lenin to symbolise freedom from Russia :laugh:

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Government claims its onto a case which shows that the protestors are plotting a political coup :unsure-1: The protestors are demanding that the Government resigns in the next fourty-eight hours...or else. They have baracaded Government buildings and stuff

The issue is that Russia is trying to create some kind of union based on the distribution of Energy, with several former provinces of the USSR...Russia has had a long history of threatening countries into doing what it wants, or else playing silly beggers with flicking on and off the gas that it distributes to those countries. The best example of this was when the US tried to expand its Starwars progamme by hosting bases for it in the Eastern Bloc...Russian response was to turn out the power in those state who seemed to be willing to allow American listening posts on their soil....As the Starwars Expansion was never completed, we never got to see what Russia would actually have done, had the states which defied her actually ended up playing host to the Americans.

The populas and opposition, clearly want to be part of Europe...though in the current financial climate...they would probably be best banking on Russia if you pardon the pun!