View Full Version : UK Tells Foreign Nationals to IMEDIATELY Leave Benghazi!

01-24-2013, 10:10 PM
The British Government, who helpped support the Arab Spring, and the Rebels get to power, not unlike the United States, has told all British Citizens in Benghazi to leave with imediate effect. Apparently they have evidence to think that there is now a direct threat to British residing in the area

The United States has already experienced within the last few months, that the Rebellion they supported, ended in the distruction of the Embassy and fatalities within.

Do not forget, the issues in nearby Mali, and the Algerian Hostage crisis, both of which boarder the Nation, combined with the attack on the United States Embassy has led to the urgent warning.

It hints that the British Government believe that some plot is afoot and will probably expect a Terrorist Attack directly on British Nationals.

Meanwhile in other news...Jordan has asked for help...the Syrian Refugees fleeeing the Civil War, which is where the Arab Spring halted in a deadlock, thanks to support from more powerful nations....have grown in such number they are begining to be swamped and are unable to cope.