View Full Version : Monarch attends Cabinet: first time since American Independance

12-18-2012, 10:49 PM

Her Brittannic Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth II, of the House of Windsor, was the first Monarch since His Majesty, King George, during the American War for Independance, to Formally Attend a Cabinet Meeting.

In England "The Cabinet" was the Original Government...made up of a few advisors and enforcers in the "court" of the Monarch who rulled as Soverign.

The Cabinet changed when during the Norman Invasion, the King William called all the land owners together. He created from these The Government, which was a Single Chamber made up of Lords Temporal (The Barons) and Lords Spiritual (The Clergy which represented the Church which was a massive landlord 1000 years ago.)

This was a Cabinet that was not permanent. A Government did nothing unless summoned to convene at the request of the Monarch. Different Conventions were called different names..."Rump Parliament" "Long Parliament" for example.

When the Civil War took place the Government executed the King and tried to rule on its own with a "Protectorate" but that didnt work, and so the Cabinet, for the first time became a Ruller, not a King, but a few high ranking officials (These were the Council of Generals, and Council of Officers, in Oliver Cromwells New Model Army.

When the Restoration took place, the Government became a permanent feature along side the Monarch.

100 years after that the Government was split into two houses. The House of Lords, and an extra chambre of ellected "commoners" One of which would be The Prime Minister, and a select group of his party would become "The Cabinet"

These happened during the only Co-Regnency Known in these lands. Its known as "The Glorious Revolution" and it was the aggreement by two Monarchs, who both reigned at the exact time, and both reigned, that the Monarchy would never again be Soverign in terms of Rule. The Monarch would remain head of State, must be kept informed at all times, must ultimately give consent to the Parliament. But the Monarch would pass the day to day running to the Cabinet of the Government, charged by the Prime Minister.

Ergo...there was no point in really attending what are essentially daily briefings. One such event did take place during the American War for Independance...when King George was part of the Cabinet. Things were slightly different during the first and second world wars, a Cabinet of War is not the same thing, but almost certainly would have involved the Monarchs.

So today Her Majesty decided it would be nice to join in the daily briefing. She has been amazing this week. She visited the Vaults of the Bank of England...and she was...accosted by an economics professor, and they had frank words about the Wall Street Wobble...She expressed her astonishment that they hadnt seen the problem comming, and she said the regulator had "no teeth" to enforce. Her Husband told the economist "Dont do it again" :laugh: anyway in these vaults were bars of Gold...and on her way out of the briefing today, she asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer...the money man of the Government, if the gift they had bought for her was "one of those Gold bars"

He smiled and gave her Sixty table mats to commemorate 60 years on the throne....I bet she was slightly dissapointed :unsure-1: