View Full Version : Japan is under attack

03-25-2009, 11:51 PM
by Nomura :ninja:

There is an invasion going on in the Sea of Japan. These creatures, each weighing more then Tim Sylvia ( :laugh: ) are polluting the sea in the millions. Previously only to bloom on a cycle of once every 40 years...they have been permanently around and increasing since 2002

This comes at a similar time to news that Irukandji have somehow managed to exist in cold seas :scared0011: Thats correct...they are tagging Jellyfish off the coast of wales due to...population problems...Irukandji has been noted as far north as New York in the Atlantic, and England in the North Sea

They are taking over :frantics:

Let me explain something. Jellyfish produce A-Sexually by spawning polypse that sit on the seafloor. They sit there and do absolutely nothing, until they are triggered. when the polypse bloom...we are talking about millions. Any change in the environment in tempriture can cause a trigger. This is proof, the first proof that the ocean is changing in tempriture, vastly, and infact that its returning to a former period in history where there were mass Jellyfish swarms....Its the deep, warm waters....Japan is trying to attach monitors to all these Jellyfish to trace them hahahahahaha

..oh...and Jellyfish can survive in something known as a deadzone...if you pollute an area of water, you get plankton which eats up all the pollution and uses up all the oxygen...without oxygen all the fish die

...but Jellyfish can survive with virtually no oxygen in the water....